Fullpath: Automotive’s Leading CDXP

Fullpath, the best-in-class automotive-centric Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP), consolidates and leverages first-party data so dealers can create customers for life.

Connect your first-party data.

Fullpath works to unify your disconnected, siloed data sources and connect them into one, organized, clean, cohesive platform. This is a critical piece in creating a sustainable and resilient business that makes smart, data-driven decisions.

Get the full picture of your customer.

Fullpath uses identity resolution technology to create a 360° view of your customer. The 360° view includes important demographic information, VINs viewed, ads engaged, emails received or opened and more so you can create hyper-personalized customer experiences that drive sales.

Put your hard won data to work.

Fullpath leverages your data through AI, machine learning, and predictive analytic technologies to make data-driven decisions to help improve your dealership operations by creating seamless shopping experiences for your customers.

Create customer loyalty with exceptional shopper experiences.

Fullpath ensures your dealership reaches out to your customers and prospects through perfectly timed campaigns created from your first-party data to bring your customer back through your dealership’s door time after time.

Improve dealership operations at every level with Fullpath.


Get a clear, consolidated view of your dealership’s activity with monthly reports. Use these insights to improve dealership operations and extend the customer lifecycle.


Automatically create hyper-targeted audiences and generate hundreds of smart, AI-powered ads. Optimize your ad budgets around the clock using machine learning to drive leads.


Understand the full customer journey with data-rich profiles built for every lead to create excellent customer experiences that close sales and drive customer loyalty. 


Get fully automated service reminders to stop the cycle of endless phone calls and put your team back to work.

Make data-driven business decisions for your dealership.

Get actionable reports based on Fullpath’s activities so you can determine what is working best for your dealership. Use your dealership’s consolidated data to improve your marketing, sales and operations to create exceptional customer experiences.

Integrate your existing data sources with Fullpath.

Fullpath’s open API creates more opportunities for data connectivity with your existing vendors so you can take full advantage of your data, no matter where it comes from. Vendors looking to connect to Fullpath can reach out to our team at

Keep your data safe and secure.

Dealerships are required to comply with FTC data protection rules. Fullpath is ISO 27001 certified. This is the top international standard of information security so you can rest assured knowing your data is safe and you are meeting the required standards for compliance. 

How It Works

Step 1

Data Integration & Normalization

Fullpath consolidates your dealership’s first-party data into one integrated platform. Fullpath then cleans, normalizes and maintains your data.

Step 2

360° Customer Views

Fullpath uses identity resolution technology to create a singular, data-rich profile of every customer and lead.

Step 3

Execute Marketing Campaigns

Using AI, Fullpath segments your data to create hundreds of hyper-specific audiences for ads campaigns, personalized emails, and dynamic landing pages. 

Step 4

Real Time Optimizations

Using machine learning, Fullpath ensures your campaigns are fully optimized so you get the most for your money. 

Website Engagement

Optimize your website to provide a seamless, engaging, and highly personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Digital Advertising

Drive leads with AI-powered search, social and display ads that leverage your dealership’s inventory, incentives, trade-in offers, service, and brand campaigns.

Audience Activation

Activate 100% of your audience with targeted, hyper-personalized emails, videos, and dynamic landing pages.

Customer Data Platform

Make better business decisions for your dealership with deep visibility into critical inventory and shopper data.


Move challenging VINs off your lot by driving shopper-quality traffic to lagging VDPs.

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