Fullpath: Automotive’s Enhanced CDP

Fullpath consolidates first-party dealership data and layers it with powerful AI and marketing automations so dealers can create exceptional customer experiences.

Unify and clean your data.

Fullpath works to unify your disconnected, siloed data sources into one, organized, clean, and cohesive platform called a Customer Data Platform (CDP). This is a critical piece in creating a sustainable and resilient business that makes smart, data-driven decisions.

Build 360° profiles with identity resolution.

Fullpath uses identity resolution technology to compile singular profiles for every shopper that includes all  interactions and engagements they have with your dealership including website activity, vehicle of interest, ads engaged, emails received or opened, demographics information, and more.

Activate your hard-won data.

Fullpath layers your data with powerful AI and marketing automations to activate your data. This allows you to automatically create and execute effective personalized targeted ad and email marketing campaigns designed to drive sales and loyalty. 

Drive loyalty through exceptional experiences.

Fullpath leverages real-time data updates to ensure your dealership nurtures your entire sales funnel, top to bottom, by engaging every prospect and customer with relevant and valuable content based on their current needs and preferences.

Improve dealership operations at every level with Fullpath.


Get a clear and consolidated view of your dealership’s activity with monthly reports. Use these insights to bolster the efforts of your teams, improve dealership operations, and increase your customer lifetime value (LTV).


Automatically create hyper-specific audiences and generate hundreds of smart, AI-powered targeted ads, and email campaigns. Optimize your ad budgets around the clock using machine learning to drive leads and improve your ROI.


Understand the full customer journey with data-rich profiles built for every shopper so you can personalize your approach, close more sales, and drive loyalty by creating exceptional customer experiences on and off the dealership floor.


Get fully automated service campaigns to put an end to the cycle of endless phone calls in order to optimize your processes and get your team back to work.

Improve your business with data.

Fullpath’s dashboard makes your data accessible, exportable, and actionable so your team can actually use your data to improve your marketing strategy, personalize your sales approach, and optimize your day-to-day dealership operations. 

Get even more data through Fullpath’s API.

Fullpath’s open API creates more opportunities for data connectivity with your existing vendors so you can take full advantage of your data, no matter where it comes from. Vendors looking to connect to Fullpath can reach out to our team at

Keep your data safe and secure.

Dealerships are required to comply with FTC data protection rules. Fullpath is ISO 27001 certified. This is the top international standard of information security so you can rest assured knowing your data is safe and you are meeting the required standards for compliance. 

How Fullpath's Enhanced CDP for Dealerships Works

Step 1

Data Integration & Normalization

Fullpath consolidates, cleans, and normalizes your dealership’s first-party data into one integrated platform.

Step 2

360° Customer Profiles

Fullpath uses identity resolution technology to create a singular, data-rich profile of every dealership shopper.

Step 3

Execute Marketing Campaigns

Fullpath leverages powerful AI and marketing automations to build hyper-segmented audiences for automated targeted ad campaigns, personalized emails, and dynamic landing pages.

Step 4

Real Time Optimizations

Fullpath ensures your campaigns are fully optimized for leads around the clock so you get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Fullpath’s AI-Powered Solutions for Car Dealerships

Audience Activation

Engage your entire CRM at scale with AI-powered personalized email campaigns designed to turn dead leads into active shoppers and create a new stream of revenue for your dealership. 

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Digital Advertising

Leverage your first and third party data to create highly effective AI-powered social, search, and display ads that are optimized around the clock to drive high-intent leads. 

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Website Engagement

Elevate your website experience with personalized engagements designed to drive lead conversions by prompting shoppers with hyper-relevant info and offers that meet their needs.

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Put every vehicle at the front of your lot with AI-powered campaigns designed to drive shopper-grade traffic to your lagging VDPs to get your at-risk inventory seen and sold.

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Fullpath Equity

Engage your high-value equity-positive shoppers with ads and emails based on their personal equity status.

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Fullpath's ChatGPT

Provide AI-powered dealership-specific, personalized, and highly detailed replies to incoming customer questions and provide shoppers with an excellent customer experience 24/7.

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What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) for Car Dealers?

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) for car dealers are highly advanced technology solutions designed to integrate, consolidate and maintain car dealership customer data pulled from multiple sources. The automotive CDP essentially creates a comprehensive database of every shopper interaction and engagement with the dealership, to build consolidated profiles that include every engagement on the shopper journey including website visits, ad clicks, phone calls, showroom visits, service appointments, purchase history and more. CDPs for car dealers like Fullpath, turn the data into a usable, useful tool that can be leveraged by the dealership sales and marketing teams to create a more personalized, targeted shopping experience for every individual customer.

What is the main benefit of implementing an enhanced CDP in a dealership?

The main benefit of implementing an enhanced CDP for car dealers at your dealership is the ability to automatically generate hyper-personalized marketing campaigns that specifically speak to the needs and preferences of every individual shopper. Fullpath’s enhanced CDP for car dealers layers the dealership’s first-party data with powerful AI to target every shopper with content that is relevant, valuable and timely at scale to vastly improve the return on investment (ROI) and the effectiveness of the dealership’s marketing efforts.

How do CDPs improve dealership customer personalization?

A CDP for car dealers can significantly enhance personalization by bringing together data from various sources to create comprehensive customer profiles. This collection of data includes website browsing history, purchase records, marketing engagements such as ads and emails and more, providing dealers with a clear picture of the needs and preferences of each individual shopper. This holistic view provided by the CDP allows car dealers to tailor their marketing efforts with personalized recommendations, targeted messaging, and customized offers that will resonate with each individual shopper.

What types of data do CDPs integrate?

Automotive CDPs are specifically designed to integrate with dealership data sources including the dealership CRM, DMS, website, ad platforms, inventory feed, incentives and offers, payment solutions, call tracking platforms, trade-in tools and more. Fullpath’s CDP currently offers over 200 integration options through the Fullpath Integration Hub, allowing dealers to take full control of every data source in play at the dealership.

Can a CDP work with real-time dealership data?

A CDP for car dealers integrates customer data from every data source in play at the dealership in real time. This means that the dealership is always working with the latest shopper data available – from the last webpage they visited to the last ad they saw, allowing the dealer to make smarter decisions about their next engagement.

What are the key features to look for in a dealership CDP?

There are 4 key features to look for when choosing an automotive CDP: 

  1. Integrations and Infrastructure – an automotive CDP should be able to integrate with every data source in play at the car dealership, bringing all of the data together into one place including all website shopper activity and relevant insights, CRM data, inventory data, DMS data, OEM offers, dealership specials, Google ads, Facebook ads, call tracking conversations and more. The CDP should then be able to normalize the data and provide the necessary tools to filter and sort the data in order to gain deep insight into shopper behavior and dealership operations. 
  2. Identity Resolution – Identity resolution is the process of connecting various data points to specific customer profiles to create a single, unified profile for each shopper. This involves merging and eliminating duplicate customer data across multiple data sources. A proper CDP for car dealers can identify and resolve multiple entries for the same shopper into one singular profile that can be used to optimize the dealership’s marketing efforts and build personalized shopping experiences.
  3. 360° Shopper Profiles – As part of their core functionality, CDPs work to stitch together fragmented customer data points pulled from multiple data sources to create a cohesive and accurate customer profile. These 360° shopper profiles that can then be leveraged in creating personalized experiences at every touchpoint on the customer journey based on the shopper’s needs and interests. 
  4. API Connectivity – APIs allow for seamless data exchange and integration with other systems. This API functionality is critical for automotive CDPs as it allows for the dealership to connect to more data vendors, bringing in and sending out data to other platforms to improve and optimize activities. 

Without these four basic elements, an automotive CDP cannot be considered a true CDP.

How does a CDP handle data privacy and security?

By bringing together all of the dealership data into one platform, a CDP for car dealers makes it easier to manage and monitor data, and remain compliant with legal data security regulations including FTC regulations and California compliance rules. CDPs enable dealers to keep track of shopper consent and preferences, ensuring the data is stored and used within the legal requirements. Fullpath’s CDP is ISO 27001 certified, which is the highest standard for data and information security which ensures Fullpath users remain in full compliance with all data privacy and security regulations at all times.

What challenges might a dealership face when implementing a CDP?

There are two key challenges a dealership may face when implementing an automotive CDP:

  • Dealerships have multiple sources of data scattered across a variety of systems that can differ in format and structure. Identifying the different data sources in play and ensuring data quality during the unification process can pose a challenge for many dealers. 
  • Training the full dealership staff to properly and effectively utilize the automotive CDP to gain insight into customers and dealership operations requires education and training. Fully onboarding the dealership team to the CDP can take time. 

These challenges can be largely mitigated by choosing the right CDP vendor for your dealership.

How does Fullpath's CDP enhance dealership operations?

Fullpath’s CDP helps enhance dealership operations by: 

  • Eliminating data silos – Fullpath’s CDP for car dealers integrates with over 200 data sources, bringing the data together into one central platform to establish a single source of truth for all metrics and insights. 
  • Offering powerful filtering capabilities – Fullpath’s Shopper and Inventory Analysis tools allow dealers to slice and dice their data to gain deep insight into shopper behavior and inventory performance. These insights allow dealers to make data-driven business decisions that can improve their bottom line. 
  • Optimizing marketing efforts – Fullpath’s identity resolution technology works to clean and normalize shopper data, eliminating duplicate entries so the dealership can stop marketing to the same lead twice, while also ensuring their marketing messaging is accurate and relevant at all times.

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