Optimize your sales funnel with AI-powered digital advertising for dealerships.

Activate your dealership data to automate thousands of smart, hyper-targeted digital ad campaigns.

Traditional digital advertising is losing you millions in sales.

Fullpath Digital Advertising enables dealers to activate their dealership data using AI and machine learning to automatically execute efficient, effective, targeted digital ad campaigns at scale. Fullpath then monitors the ad campaigns 24/7, making cross-platform budget shifts to support performing ads. With this fast-paced, powerful precision technology in play there is no way for traditional advertising to keep up.

Dealership digital advertising - powered by data.

Fullpath Digital Advertising is designed to activate your dealership’s first and third-party data including customer data, OEM and dealership offers, inventory feeds, analytics and more, to execute laser-focused search, social, display and Performance Max ad campaigns.

Round-the-clock performance optimization.

Stop hemorrhaging money on ads that don’t work. Fullpath Digital Advertising leverages AI and machine learning to eliminate marketing waste and ensure your digital ad portfolio is hitting peak performance.

Automated, hyper-personalized shopper journeys.

Fullpath Digital Advertising leverages your CRM data to build highly-specific audiences ensuring every shopper receives relevant, engaging ads to offer value at every touchpoint.

Key Features of Fullpath Digital Advertising

Automated Ad Generation

Fullpath AI automates effective, engaging dealership-specific ad visuals and copy, eliminating the legwork from your advertising strategy.

Audience Segmentation

Leveraging powerful segmentation tools, Fullpath automates hyper-specific audiences for your ads based on shopper demographics, behavior, preferences and needs.

Real-Time Data Updates

Digital Advertising integrates with Fullpath’s CDP so your ads are constantly updated and shifted based on the most accurate, reliable customer and inventory data available.

24/7 Ad Optimization

Fullpath’s machine learning monitors your ads around the clock for performance and automatically shifts your ad budgets cross-platform to support successful campaigns. 

Strategic Retargeting

Fullpath automatically re-engages potential customers with targeted, personalized ad campaigns designed to drive them back to your dealership.

Audience Suppression

Fullpath uses dynamic audience suppression techniques to ensure you are always reaching your shoppers with relevant and timely messaging, wherever they are on their shopper journey.

Specials Integration

Fullpath uses OEM offers and dealership specials to create valuable targeted ads for hyper-relevant audiences to increase engagement and improve performance.

Seamless Experience

When a shopper clicks on your dealership’s ad, they are taken to a customized landing page generated by Fullpath that features the deal they clicked on, creating a seamless customer experience.


New & Used Inventory

Promote new and used car models in your dealership inventory. 


Build your dealership brand and generate more brand awareness. 


Generate leads that are looking at trade-in options for their current vehicles. 


Target customers who are searching for your competitors. 

"Dealer Near Me"

Target shoppers who are looking for dealers in their area.     


Drive traffic to your service department by targeting customers interested in service. 


Target shoppers and customers looking to purchase parts for replacement or repair.


Advertise inventory that is not yet released and in stock at your dealership. 

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)

Promote your certified pre-owned inventory to engage shoppers with relevant incentives and buying options.

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Traditional Digital Advertising

Standard ad campaigns

1-2 monthly account optimizations

Manual ad copywriting

Manual budget allocations

End-of-campaign performance analysis

Manual audience building

Disconnected customer flows

Fullpath Digital Advertising

Data-driven ad campaigns

24/7 cross-platform budget optimization

Automated copy and creative generation

Automated cross-platform budget segmentation

Constant performance optimization

Automated hyper-specific audience segmentation

Unified customer experience

Benefits of a CDP-Integrated Digital Advertising Strategy

A Customer Data Platform is the secret to supercharging your digital advertising strategy. Fullpath’s real CDP is designed to unify, clean, manage, and analyze dealership first and third-party data sources to provide a singular, comprehensive view of every shopper.

Clean customer data allows you to build accurate hyper-segmented ad audiences, so you can target every shopper based on their personal interests and needs. Fullpath’s CDP works with real-time data updates which ensures your digital ads are always working with the most recent, accurate information available so you always reach the right customer with the right message, at the right time.

As an added bonus, by integrating with your dealership’s inventory, specials and offers, Fullpath automatically utilizes that data in your campaigns, ensuring your ads are always directly reflecting your latest offerings.


Earl Wheless, Internet Sales Manager, Gaffney Buick GMC

“Fullpath has significantly boosted Gaffney Buick GMC’s digital marketing efforts. The dealership has experienced enhanced customer engagement, increased brand visibility, and more targeted marketing campaigns tailored to our audience’s preferences. This collaboration has optimized Gaffney Buick GMC’s online presence and maximized customer acquisition and retention rates.”

Which types of PPC and digital ads does Fullpath automate?

Fullpath Digital Advertising automates effective social, search, display, and Performance Max ad campaigns for dealerships. Using AI, Fullpath instantly creates hundreds of hyper-specific audiences pulled from your dealership’s unified data sources to use for your targeted ad campaigns. Fullpath’s machine learning works around the clock to monitor performance and shift budgets cross-platform to support successful campaigns.

How it Works

Step 1

Data Integration

Fullpath integrates all of your dealership data sources including your inventory, CRM, and website data to create a comprehensive picture of your dealership.

Step 2

Ad Automation

Leveraging your data, Fullpath automatically segments audiences and creates hundreds of hyper-targeted ads optimized for quality leads in seconds.

Step 3

Multi-Platform Targeting

Fullpath publishes the ads across search, display, and social networks targeting shoppers and conquesting new traffic.

Step 4

Real-Time Optimization

Fullpath optimizes your ads around the clock, reallocating budgets and retargeting audiences. The AI identifies and prioritizes high-performing ads with zero manual interference.

Take your digital advertising to the next level.

Fullpath Equity – Automatically target your equity-positive shoppers with valuable offers.

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Google VAs with Fullpath Automations – Streamline your Google Vehicle Ads with an automated inventory fetch.

Learn More

VINs-Acceleration – Strategically drive shopper-grade traffic to challenging VDPs. 

Learn More

Our Story

Fullpath is dedicated to helping dealers build unforgettable customer experiences that create customers for life.

What started as a dream with a group of friends working out of a small Jerusalem apartment is now a growing tech company of top-tier engineers, data scientists, and world-class customer success managers dedicated to helping dealerships meet and surpass their sales goals every month.


If I have Fullpath do I still need a marketing agency?

SEM agencies have three central functions: strategy building, creative development, and media buying. Fullpath does all three so as a dealer you could forgo an agency not just because you can run media, but also because Fullpath automatically generates creatives and is built around coverage strategies.

How does Fullpath’s budget allocation work?

Fullpath builds audiences using advanced targeting techniques so that only the most relevant and likely to convert users see your ads. This is done in order to maximize your marketing spend and make the most of your budget. Fullpath’s digital marketing AI knows how to measure each shopper based on the likelihood they will become a lead. Fullpath then calculates how much to invest in “buying” that lead.

Does Fullpath use Smart Bidding?

Fullpath campaigns within Google and Facebook utilize Smart Bidding strategies. Google campaigns are set to “Maximize Conversions,” which is a Smart Bidding strategy that automatically sets keyword bids to help get the most conversions for your campaign. On Facebook, Fullpath uses “Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO),” which automatically manages your campaign budget across ad sets to get you the overall best results.

What ad platforms does Fullpath Digital Advertising use?

Fullpath Digital Advertising creates and executes hyper-targeted Google Search, Display and Performance Max ads, Facebook and Instagram ads with more platforms yet to come. Additionally, VINs-Acceleration campaigns leverage the Fullpath Acquisition Network, a unique network developed by the Fullpath team that works to identify and target quality traffic on multiple ad networks including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others.

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