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You have taken your first step towards data connectivity! We wanted to ensure you know exactly what to expect from us during the onboarding process  and give you a bit of insight into what you can do to get the most out of our partnership.

Here’s what happens next:

Step 1

Getting Started

Your Regional Sales Manager will set up a meeting with your Onboarding Specialist who will guide you through the entire process. Keep an eye out for an email to your website provider requesting to implement our code snippet on your site.

Step 2

Dashboard Configuration

Your Onboarding Specialist will get your dashboard up and running, including connecting all your data sources into Fullpath’s CDP. This process varies based on your product suite and can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks.

Step 3

Quality Assurance

The Fullpath team will QA your solutions to ensure your setup has been completed to the highest standards. Our team will be in touch to get the green light for launch.

Step 4


Fullpath goes live! Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will set up a time to give you a tour and show you some initial results. Your CSM will closely monitor your performance and will be your direct point of contact to Fullpath moving forward.


Nikole Ferguson, Performance Chevrolet West Virginia

“I can’t speak highly enough about Fullpath, and every person we have dealt with. This technology is so advanced in how you onboard products into the store. I couldn’t believe you had (dealership) up and running in a week and increased new car sales in only 2.5 weeks from the previous month!”

Bob Erdman, Berg Auto Group

“We got really lucky when we ended up with Fullpath. With the Fullpath product you can (easily) get into the backend dashboard, you can look at what’s going on day to day (and) I think the more information we have the better off we can be, the better decisions we make. Their customer service is unbelievable, the install went smoothly, the AI works, everything Fullpath promised, they delivered on. We love Fullpath!”

Colin Carrasquillo, Nielsen Automotive Group

“If you want to talk about actionable CDPs, this is the one. There are a lot of other vendor partners out there who will say they have these types of platforms, and what they do have is all the data out there available in your CRM, they put it in a nice presentation for you … but you guys were the ones who actually made it actionable and could deliver on that, so here we are!”

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Here’s how you can get the most out of your kick-off call:

Define Your Goals

Take some time to consider what you want to achieve with Fullpath and bring your goals to the call!

Bring Your Credentials

Bring your CRM and username and password so we can get started on ingesting your data.

Define Your Website Process

Decide ahead of time on the approval process for implementing code on your website!

Open Your Calendar

Find a monthly 30-minute time slot that works for your team to check-in on performance!

Get to know your team at Fullpath!

Onboarding Team – The Onboarding team is here to set you up for success by ensuring your data is properly integrated into the Fullpath ecosystem and setting up your solutions to align with your business goals.

Customer Success Team – Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is your direct point of contact at Fullpath. They will closely monitor Fullpath’s performance and meet with you monthly to make proactive changes to your solutions to help you achieve your dynamic business goals.

Support Team – Fullpath’s Technical Support Team is here to help with troubleshooting, resolving support tickets, and to assist you with any technical questions. You can reach the team by email at support@fullpath.com, or by phone at (216) 242-1320.

Sales Team – Your regional representative will help you identify opportunities for growth within the Fullpath ecosystem and will introduce you to new products and features as they launch in partnership with your CSM.

Key Onboarding Milestones

Kick-Off Call

You will meet with our onboarding team to review all steps in the onboarding process and establish your business goals so we can get your dashboard ready to go.

Launch Fullpath

All systems go! Once approved, Fullpath will go live and start working to achieve your established business goals.

Team Training

You will gain access to our full library of training resources so you can learn how to get the most out of your Fullpath solutions. You will also receive personalized training sessions throughout the course of your Fullpath partnership.

Fine Tuning

The Fullpath team will review and adjust your solutions as needed to ensure peak performance.

Performance Review

30-45 days after launch, we will perform a full performance review to ensure Fullpath is operating at full throttle.

Continued Contact

Every month we will meet to review performance and opportunities. We are also available at support@fullpath.com or on the phone at (216) 242-1320.

Set Yourself up for Success with Fullpath

Define Your Goals

Setting yourself up for success starts with sharing what success looks like for your dealership. Aligning your goals and what you want to achieve will help both you and the Fullpath team get you moving in the right direction. 

Explore Our Resources

Knowledge is the key to success. Watch our how-to videos, leverage our knowledge center, and speak with your CSM to gain a deeper understanding of how it all works and the tools you can use to improve your experience. 

Train Your Team

Getting your team onboarded to Fullpath is a major step in ensuring successful implementation at your dealership. Once your solutions are ready to go, set up your first training session with your team so they can get to know the Fullpath dashboard. 

Leverage Your Dashboard

The Fullpath dashboard is here to help you engage with your data and understand how the solutions are working to help you achieve your goals behind the scenes. Leverage the tools offered to you and be sure to review your monthly reports. 

Talk to Us!

Our team is here to help you win with Fullpath. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will be in touch with you on a regular basis to review your performance and go over any questions you have. You can also feel free to reach out to your CSM directly at any time – we are here to help. 

Fullpath Resources

Knowledge Center

Our robust knowledge center is here to help you learn more about our products and how they work.

Visit Knowledge Center

Feature Releases

We are constantly working to improve and grow our products. You can use the feature release resource to keep an eye on what’s new and changing in the Fullpath ecosystem.

Read More


Read our blogs to learn more about CDPs, AI, data activation, digital advertising, optimizing operations  and more!

Read the Blog

‘How To’ Videos

Watch our ‘How To’ videos to learn how to navigate within the Fullpath dashboard and how you can leverage different features and settings to get the most value from our products.

Watch Our Videos


Join our monthly client webinars (or watch the old ones!)  to learn more about our products and how you can get the most out of your Fullpath solutions.

Watch Our Webinars

Live Launch

Once a quarter, Fullpath releases  a major feature or product. Join the launch to stay updated in real time!

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Loyalty Program

We created our loyalty program to thank you, our valued customers, for your ongoing support and encouragement.  Visit our program page to see if your dealership qualifies!

Do I Qualify?

Referral Program

Got a friend who could benefit from Fullpath’s solutions? Refer your friend to us and both of us will receive a special gift from us if they sign.

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