Set a new standard for dealership customer experiences with Fullpath’s real-time CDP.

Gain deep visibility into your shopper behaviors and preferences to improve dealership operations at every level.

Unified data is the key to improving your dealership’s ROI.

Fullpath’s Customer Data Platform is a state-of-the-art technology designed to unify, clean, manage, and analyze first and third-party dealership data. Fullpath uses identity resolution technology to create singular, comprehensive views of each shopper that includes every interaction with your business on their sales journey, from dealership visits, to website interactions, email engagements, ad engagements, and more.

This unified data can then be used to execute personalized marketing campaigns, empower dealership sales teams, and optimize operations to create excellent customer experiences that drive loyalty and increase revenues over time.

Create the ultimate data pipeline.

Unify your first and third-party data sources to create a single source of truth that can be used to create personalized marketing campaigns, empower your sales team, and optimize dealership operations.

Complete 360° views of your shoppers.

Fullpath’s CDP leverages powerful identity resolution technology to eliminate duplicate profiles and unify shopper activity across all touch-points, creating singular, data-rich shopper profiles that update in real time.

Easily identify high-value opportunities.

Leverage Fullpath’s powerful list builder that offers sophisticated filtering options so you can slice and sort your shopper data to create hyper-specific lists and identify your hottest opportunities.

Get your data AI-ready.

Quality data is the key to getting the most out of AI. Consolidate, clean, and prepare your data to power your AI marketing and advertising solutions so you can deliver the customer-centric experiences that drive loyalty for your dealership.

Open API for dynamic audiences in every marketing channel.

Fullpath’s CDP offers an open API that streams your dynamic audiences to any marketing platform in play at your dealership to ensure your audiences are always updated and relevant.

Key Features of Fullpath’s Customer Data Platform

Open API

Fullpath’s open API allows you to bring together all of your data sources into a singular platform to create a clear picture of the goings on at your dealership and to establish a single source of truth for all metrics and insights.

360° Shopper Profiles

Fullpath creates a single, consolidated view of every shopper’s sales journey and business relationship with your dealership for you to leverage in your marketing and sales activities.

Identity Resolution

Leveraging powerful identity resolution technology, Fullpath eliminates duplicate shopper profiles to ensure your marketing is relevant and efficient.

Real-Time Data Updates

Fullpath’s CDP integrates new data in real time, ensuring your team is always working with the most updated, relevant information available.

Audience Builder

Fullpath’s powerful list-building tool enables you to build sophisticated shopper lists and identify ready-to-buy leads using hyper-specific filters.

Inventory Analysis

Analyze the inventory on your lot by easily sorting through millions of data points using Fullpath’s data filters to gain insight into your vehicles to help get them sold fast.

In-Depth Reporting

Use Fullpath’s CDP to create and save custom data filters and reports so every team at your dealership can examine and act on the most relevant data for them.

Data Security

Fullpath’s CDP is ISO 27001 certified to ensure your data is protected and that your dealership is in full compliance with all FTC data protections guidelines.

Your dealership needs a CDP. Here’s why:

In the fiercely competitive automotive industry, a robust data strategy is critical in ensuring your dealership remains competitive. As personalization and targeted marketing have become the new normal, modern shoppers demand excellence from their retailers at every touch point.

Fullpath’s Customer Data Platform enables you to meet those expectations by bringing together your siloed data sources into one platform, creating a single source of truth that can be leveraged to gain deep insight into dealership operations and build excellent, personalized, loyalty building customer experiences so you can increase your customer lifetime value, and to strategically position you ahead of your competition.

Take your data further by adding the X.

Activate your dealership’s CDP data layer by adding the X. The X in CDXP is where the magic happens – where AI, predictive analytics and powerful marketing automations come together to activate your unified data layer to create and execute hyper-targeted digital ads and personalized lead-nurture email campaigns designed to deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touch point and ultimately drive more sales for your dealership.

What is a CDXP?

Customer Data
& Experience Platform

Customer Data Platform

Consolidate siloed dealership data sources into a single platform that cleans, normalized, and maintains your data.

Artificial Intelligence

Layer powerful AI on top of your data to gain deep insight into your shoppers and create personalized customer experiences.

Marketing Automation

Execute personalized marketing campaigns to touch every part of the sales funnel automatically.

Questions you can answer with Fullpath’s CDP

  • Which shoppers missed a showroom appointment and revisited my website?
  • Which CRM leads looked at a specific VDP?
  • Which of my customers have positive equity in their current vehicle?
  • Which cars in my inventory have been on my lot for over 100 days?
  • How many separate VDPs has a specific lead visited?
  • Which customers looked at a specific VIN in the last 24 hours?
  • Which models have room for a price raise due to strong inbound interest?
  • How much has the average customer spent at my dealership?
  • Which of my customers are up for a lease renewal in the next 6 months?

How it Works

Step 1

Unify Data Sources

Consolidate your siloed data sources into Fullpath’s integrated Customer Data Platform to clean, normalize, and maintain your data.

Step 2

Compile 360° Shopper Profiles

Fullpath’s CDP will automatically compile 360° profiles for every dealership shopper so you can begin utilizing your data and personalizing your customer experience.

Step 3

Filter and Sort

Use Fullpath’s filtering tools to create hyper-specific lists and queries to spot ready-to-buy leads, inventory trends, and opportunities for operational improvements.

Step 4

Build Reports & Export Lists

Build department specific reports to share with your team or export your filtered lists so your team can take action based on the data.

Our Story

Fullpath is dedicated to helping dealers build unforgettable customer experiences that create customers for life.

What started as a dream with a group of friends working out of a small Jerusalem apartment is now a growing tech company of top-tier engineers, data scientists, and world-class customer success managers dedicated to helping dealerships meet and surpass their sales goals every month.

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