Fullpath Data Integrations

Fullpath is committed to breaking down data silos in the automotive industry as part of its mission to give dealerships full control of their first and third-party data. Fullpath’s integrations allow dealerships to connect their data from various technology partners.

Driving success through integration.

Fullpath is dedicated to ensuring continued dealership success. By integrating with dealership’s existing data sources, Fullpath creates a single source of truth, enabling dealers to create exceptional customer experiences and make data-driven decisions for their business.

Delivering data-powered value.

Fullpath works to unify dealership data silos into one cohesive platform and leverages partner data across the Customer Data and Experience Platform to create exceptional, valuable shopping experiences at every touch point on the customer journey.

Fullpath Integrations

FUSE Dynamic Payments

Fullpath’s FUSE Dynamic Payment integration enables dealers to leverage FUSE’s VIN-level offers across the Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) to create the most seamless shopping experience across channels. The integration also helps eliminate the manual work of keeping dealership offers updated across all marketing campaigns, as the integration automatically feeds the offers into the CDXP. 


Leveraging Invoca’s conversation intelligence AI, Fullpath generates a more robust 360 view of every shopper by consolidating known shopper digital footprints and first-party conversation data into one holistic profile. This can help dealers better pinpoint and correct gaps in the customer journey, optimize marketing spend and targeting to increase engagement, and deliver more personalized digital and caller experiences to improve conversion rates and revenue.

Open AI

Fullpath’s OpenAI integration allows dealers to leverage ChatGPT’s groundbreaking chatbot to engage in natural, contextually aware conversations with website shoppers. Fullpath ChatGPT transforms the standard dealership chatbot into a powerful customer service tool that can provide dealership specific and personalized answers to incoming questions 24/7. This integration also sends conversation and conversion data back to the dealership’s DMS and CRM, enabling the dealer to leverage the data in future engagements.


Fullpath’s OfferLogix API integration (APILogix) enables Fullpath to create highly accurate and personalized payment offers based on existing dealership inventory for every individual customer leveraging equity data, credit information and additional data points pulled from Fullpath’s proprietary data layer.

Google Vehicle Ads

Fullpath’s Google Vehicle Ads integration allows automotive agencies and in-house marketing teams at dealerships to now automatically build and submit vehicle inventory lists directly to Google Ads through Fullpath. This integration removes the work of manually uploading vehicle feeds daily into Google’s ad platform and ensures dealerships are advertising accurate, available inventory to in-market shoppers.

Google and Facebook Ads

Fullpath is a proud Google Marketing Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner. These partnerships allow for Fullpath to create, manage and coordinate dealership digital advertising and marketing efforts across both platforms, while leveraging historical advertising data and analytics to constantly improve and optimize campaigns cross-platform.


Fullpath’s Dealer.com integration makes implementing Fullpath’s AI-powered solutions simple and effective. This partnership enables Fullpath’s website based solutions to integrate seamlessly within Dealer.com’s dealership website templates, ensuring a positive online shopping experience for every shopper.

Become a Fullpath Data Integration Partner

Ready to help your dealer clients take their data connectivity to the next level? Vendors looking to connect to Fullpath can reach out to our team at integrations@fullpath.com.

Our Story

Fullpath is dedicated to helping dealers build unforgettable customer experiences that create customers for life.

What started as a dream with a group of friends working out of a small Jerusalem apartment is now a growing tech company of top-tier engineers, data scientists, and world-class customer success managers dedicated to helping dealerships meet and surpass their sales goals every month.

Integration FAQs

How does Fullpath leverage integration partner data?

Fullpath uses data provided by other technological vendors across the customer Data and Experience platform to improve customer experiences at every touch point. From providing more robust shopper profiles that help dealership teams improve their approach to leveraging additional data to create hyper-personalized, targeted ad and email campaigns, integrating with all data sources in play at the dealership allows Fullpath to work with a more robust and accurate data source in executing all activities.

Why is it important to connect my dealership data sources?

Unifying dealership data sources is critical to creating a reliable data set for your dealership to work from. When your data is disconnected, it is impossible to draw a complete picture of the goings on at your dealership. When your first-party data is connected into one cohesive platform, you can leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to make data-driven decisions to improve marketing and sales efforts and optimize dealership operations.

What are the benefits of using a CDXP for my dealership?

There are several clear benefits for dealerships using a CDXP:

  1. Dealership marketing teams can reclaim their time and put their energy toward the more creative and strategic elements of the job.
  2. Sales teams can stop logging into multiple dashboards and view one, unified shopper entity with all contact details and vehicles of interest.
  3. Customers will experience consistent messaging, be served relevant ads, timely emails, and engage with targeted onsite offers which all reflect the most up to date information from your dealership.

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