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How Quirk Chevy Earned $2.2 Million in Sales by Activating Their Data with Fullpath

  • May 7, 2024
4 min read
How Quirk Chevy Earned $2.2 Million in Sales by Activating Their Data with Fullpath

Investing in first-party data activation is one of the smartest business decisions a dealer can make in today’s digital era. Activation is where the true power of data lies – in the ability to not only have data, but to purposefully use it to effectively engage shoppers with personalized content and create positive customer experiences.

Fullpath’s enhanced Customer Data Platform helps dealers unify, clean, maintain, and activate their data, layering it with powerful AI and marketing automation technologies. Fullpath’s smart data activation has been proven to help dealers improve their ROI, reduce marketing spend, drive more leads and increase sales while improving their customer experience to build valuable, lasting customer relationships.

In partnering with Fullpath, Quirk Chevy in Braintree, Massachusetts grossed over $2.2 million in attributed sales and saw a 1,266% return on investment (ROI) over the course of just one year. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different Fullpath solutions leveraged by Quirk Chevy from April 2023- March 2024, and how they helped activate the dealership’s data to drive success:

Digital Advertising

The true power of activated dealership data lies in its ability to save money while driving more sales. Fullpath Digital Advertising helps dealers drive more leads from their digital marketing by combining their dealership data with powerful AI to automatically create and execute efficient, effective, lead-generating digital ad campaigns at scale with real-time data updates.

Quirk Chevy successfully reduced their Cost Per Lead (CPL) to $14.02 with Fullpath in place. The dealership leveraged Fullpath to generate and launch 35,000 ads that brought in over 1,400 interned leads and brought in 4,144 phone calls, an incredible feat made possible through the power of data.  

Website Engagement

Fullpath Website Engagement activates shopper data to identify which messaging will most likely encourage each individual to convert on the website and uses AI and machine learning to automatically present them with relevant content at the right moment. This includes prompts like personalized vehicle recommendations based on their website browsing history, to forms to book a service appointment or a test drive, and more

Together with Fullpath Website Engagement, Quirk Chevy successfully engaged 69% of their website shoppers with AI-powered, personalized engagements. This activity successfully drove 4,000 leads, leading to a 12.22% close rate. 

Audience Activation

Investing in data activation helps dealers drive more sales from existing leads and customers. Fullpath Audience Activation leverages real-time data to determine which email content will most likely resonate with every individual shopper in the dealership CRM. Fullpath then automatically segments shoppers into hyper-specific audiences and generates email content for each shopper based on their personal interests and needs. 

In partnering with Fullpath, Quirk Chevy activated their entire database, sending over 1.9 million personalized emails over the course of one year. Those emails had a 40% open rate, crushing the industry average of 15%. Fullpath’s AI-powered personalized emails successfully engaged 95,907 CRM leads, and turned over 16,200 of those leads into active dealership shoppers, generating a powerful new source of potential revenue for the dealership.


Fullpath VINs-Acceleration takes data activation to a new level, complementing the dealership’s digital advertising strategy to get aging inventory seen and sold. Fullpath leverages the Fullpath Acquisition Network (FAN) to drive shopper quality traffic to specific VDPs using a combination of traditional ad bidding strategies across multiple networks, and personalized, targeted email campaigns. 

By leveraging Fullpath VINs-Acceleration, Quick Chevy got over 40,000 hits on their accelerated VDPs. Those shopper-quality views helped achieve a 64% move out rate, with 291 challenging vehicles sold.

“Fullpath helps us consolidate, clean, and activate our data so our dealership can execute smart, data-driven marketing campaigns at scale. I’d recommend Fullpath’s enhanced CDP to any dealer who is looking to take full control of their data in order to bring their business into the future,” said Sean Western, Director of Marketing at Quirk Auto Dealers.

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  • Digital Advertising
  • VINs-Acceleration
  • Audience Activation
  • Website Engagement

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