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How Fullpath Activated Bowen Scarff Ford’s Data to Elevate their Marketing Efforts  

  • April 9, 2024
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How Fullpath Activated Bowen Scarff Ford’s Data to Elevate their Marketing Efforts  

In an age where data powers every aspect of business, and the ability to activate your data is the literal table stakes of success, Customer Data Platforms (CDP) have quickly become a core component of the dealer data infrastructure. CDPs work to unify, clean and maintain the various data sources in play at the dealership so dealers can gain deep insight into their shoppers, inventory and operations.

Fullpath enhances the standard CDP by adding the “Experience” factor, layering the dealership’s unified data with AI and marketing automation technologies, turning it into a Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP). This powerhouse combination offers dealers the ability to create highly personalized, valuable marketing campaigns and showroom experiences for every shopper.

The Full Impact of Fullpath’s CDXP

Bowen Scarff Ford of Kent, Washington, began partnering with Fullpath in April of 2023 with the goal of unifying their data sources and creating effective, data-powered marketing campaigns. 

By leveraging multiple solutions within the Fullpath CDXP ecosystem, the dealership was able to leverage their unified data layer to optimize their marketing efforts, and offer shoppers a better experience with the business.

The results speak for themselves. 

From April to December 2023, Bowen Scarff Ford achieved a 749% ROI from their Fullpath partnership. They also saw a 230% increase in sales attributed to Fullpath activities and a 47% total increase in CRM sales.

Here is a quick look at how each of the solutions in play in Fullpath’s CDXP ecosystem individually impacted the dealership’s marketing activities in those initial 8 months of activity: 

Website Engagement

As a core component of the sales process, the dealership website experience is a critical player in creating a positive customer experience. Fullpath Website Engagement leverages dealership data together with AI and predictive analytics to create a more personalized experience, presenting shoppers with relevant and valuable information at the right moment to drive leads.

With Website Engagement implemented on their dealership site, Bowen Scarff Ford successfully converted 2,301 leads on their website.

Audience Activation

There are no dead leads, only leads that have not been properly nurtured – that’s where Fullpath Audience Activation comes in. Audience Activation engages every lead in the dealership’s CRM at scale with personalized, timely emails designed to reactivate leads and create a new stream of revenue that would have otherwise been lost. 

With Audience Activation in place, Bowen Scarff Ford successfully sent 653,365 personalized emails across multiple campaigns and achieved a 47% open rate, more than three times the industry standard of 15%.  

With Fullpath, the dealership engaged nearly 50,000 leads turning 5,906 of them into active dealership shoppers. Of those active shoppers, 852 became attributed leads, creating more sales opportunities that would have otherwise been lost. 

Digital Advertising 

Digital Advertising, Fullpath’s smart digital advertising solution, leverages AI together with the dealership’s data to automatically create and optimize thousands of digital ads across multiple channels for hyper-segmented shopper audiences.

With the help of Fullpath, Bowen Scarff Ford scaled their digital marketing operations significantly, automatically producing and executing over 27,000 targeted ads from December to April 2023.

Fullpath Digital Advertising leverages AI and machine learning to monitor ads around the clock, adjusting budget allocations to better support lead generating campaigns. In this same time period, Bowen Scarff Ford received 1,473 attributed phone calls and tracked 738 attributed leads, achieving a $24 Cost Per Lead (CPL). 


Like most dealerships, Bowen Scarff Ford had some challenging inventory that they could just not move. Fullpath VINs-Acceleration is designed to get those particular vehicles seen and sold without draining the dealership’s marketing budget. 

Through email and digital ad campaigns run on the Fullpath Acquisition Network (FAN), VINs-Acceleration strategically drives a guaranteed number of hyper-relevant, shopper-quality viewers to challenging VDPs every month at a set price. 

Because Bowen Scarff Ford leveraged VINs-Acceleration together with Fullpath’s other AI-powered marketing solutions, they achieved more efficient results as the solution could leverage the additional marketing channels available throughout the CDXP.

With Fullpath VINs-Acceleration, Bowen Scarff Ford saw over 9,300 views on their boosted VINs. They successfully moved out 77 VINs, achieving a 28% move out rate. 

“Fullpath’s customer data and experience platform has revolutionized our marketing efforts, providing actionable real-time insights that have significantly increased efficiencies and reduced unnecessary spend,” said Paul Ray, General Manager of Bowen Scarff Ford

“Their suite of products have led to an increase in website traffic, generating high-quality leads. Their commitment to our success and tailored solutions make them invaluable partners in navigating the digital landscape. I highly recommend Fullpath to any business looking to elevate their marketing strategies and to achieve measurable results.”

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