Automatically activate your equity data to drive repeat sales for your dealership.

Execute personalized equity-driven marketing campaigns without lifting a finger.

Your equity data, powered by Fullpath’s CDP.

By integrating your equity data with Fullpath, you can automatically engage your equity-positive shoppers with enticing upgrade, trade-in, and payment offers cross-channel.

Drive loyalty with value.

Increase your customer lifetime value (LTV) with highly relevant, personalized equity-based campaigns designed to bring customers back to your dealership for their next purchase.

Equity campaigns have a 51% higher open rate than regular marketing emails.

When you focus on delivering a hyper-personalized, equity-based experience for your shoppers, they are more likely to engage with your content.

Fullpath Equity is designed to leverage your DMS, CRM, trade-in APIs, and other data sources to automatically identify your equity-positive shoppers and automatically creates personalized, equity-based emails for every shopper containing irresistible, valuable offers so your shoppers are compelled to come into your dealership to make their next purchase.

Key Features of Fullpath Equity

CDP Integration

Fullpath Equity is integrated into the Fullpath CDP enabling dealers to dive deep into their equity data through enriched shopper profiles and hyper-specific list building capabilities.

Audience Generation

Fullpath automatically scans your unified data sources daily, including your DMS, CRM, trade-in APIs, and more to identify your equity-positive shoppers.

Automated Campaigns

Leveraging AI together with your dealership’s data, Fullpath automatically generates and executes personalized, equity-based campaigns for every individual shopper.

Multi-Platform Engagements

Fullpath Equity targets equity-positive shoppers with powerful, lead driving search, social, and display ad campaigns and personalized email campaigns to drive them back to the dealership.

Seamless Experience

When an equity-positive shopper clicks on an ad or email offer, they are taken to a customized landing page that features the exact deal they clicked on, creating a seamless customer experience.

Transparent Reporting

Fullpath Equity offers robust reports on all dealership equity-positive shoppers, including their website, advertising, and sales activities.


Thomas Eggers, Platform Digital Director at Nyle Maxwell CDJR

The Fullpath Equity solution excels at engaging customers precisely when needed, delivering the most pertinent messages and adapting them based on the customer’s shopping behavior. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly endorse the comprehensive range of Fullpath solutions.

Manual Equity Mining

Fullpath Equity

Builds list of equity-positive shoppers

Engages equity-positive shoppers

Automatic daily data scans

Automated equity-based audiences

Real-time identification of equity-positive shoppers

Cross-platform marketing

Hyper-personalized equity-based offers

It costs 10x more to win a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.

Just focusing on winning new business is costing your dealership millions in repeat sales. By leveraging Fullpath Equity to automatically engage your equity-positive shoppers with valuable, personalized offers, you create new opportunities for sales while building positive, lasting customer relationships for your dealership.

How it Works

Step 1

Data Integration

Your dealership’s equity data is integrated into the Fullpath data layer.

Step 2

Shopper Identification

Fullpath identifies your equity-positive DMS shoppers and leads.

Step 3

Campaign Execution

Fullpath automatically generates personalized email and ad campaigns to engage your equity-positive shoppers with equity-based offers.

Skyrocket your customer experience.

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Our Story

Fullpath is dedicated to helping dealers build unforgettable customer experiences that create customers for life.

What started as a dream with a group of friends working out of a small Jerusalem apartment is now a growing tech company of top-tier engineers, data scientists, and world-class customer success managers dedicated to helping dealerships meet and surpass their sales goals every month.


How does Fullpath calculate a shopper’s positive equity?

Fullpath calculates a shopper’s equity using a combination of data pulled from the DMS, CRM, and Kelly Blue Book (KBB). The primary points considered when calculating a shopper’s equity status for the purposes of marketing and engaging shoppers around equity offers include: total purchase price, down payment, terms, monthly payment, interest, and the current value of the vehicle. When calculating positive equity in a loan, Fullpath subtracts the current loan balance from the current market value of the car according to estimates provided by the KBB.

How does Fullpath determine which offer to send to a specific shopper?

Fullpath collects all available data signals for every shopper (including onsite behavior, CRM data, ads data, social data, inventory data, incentive data) and pulls it into the CDXP data layer in order to calculate and present the vehicle and available incentives that we think makes the most sense for each shopper.

Where does Fullpath get car valuation details from?

Fullpath leverages all data available and connected to the CDXP. Using your connected service data, Fullpath will use the last known mileage on the shopper’s vehicle and leverage KBB’s algorithm to determine the car value (this can be adjusted if the customer asks with ranging estimates from Fair – Excellent). If we don’t have access to service data or current mileage, Fullpath will estimate value using KBB’s averages according to predetermined wear and tear, average mileage etc.

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