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Unlocking the Full Capabilities of Fullpath’s Leading CDXP Skyrocketed Sales For These Dealerships 

  • March 29, 2023
4 min read
Unlocking the Full Capabilities of Fullpath’s Leading CDXP Skyrocketed Sales For These Dealerships 

The rise of automotive centric Customer Data and Experience Platforms (CDXP) over the last several years has completely transformed the way car dealers are doing business. 

CDXPs eliminate dealership data silos, unify and normalize all first-party data in one centralized platform. CDXPs then leverage the dealership’s data to create sophisticated, AI-powered omni-channel marketing campaigns with consistent cross-platform messaging. 

Singular Solution v. Unified Platform

Fullpath, automotive’s leading CDXP, is designed to help dealers solve a variety of pain points in creating personalized, streamlined, hyper-targeted marketing campaigns to provide excellent shopper experiences for their customers. In an effort to understand the full impact of the Fullpath platform, we took a deep dive into the data for over 250 dealerships that were partially leveraging Fullpath’s CDXP capabilities and compared it to what happened when we enabled additional functionalities. 

Working in Tandem 

One part of Fullpath’s CDXP capabilities centers around audience activation. With Fullpath, dealers can reawaken cold leads and re-engage dormant shoppers by automatically creating and sending hyper-personalized and timely lead nurture emails based on the shopper’s website activity and previous interactions with the dealership. 

While dealers utilizing Fullpath’s audience activation were experiencing success, we wanted to see what would happen if we incorporated their digital advertising strategy into the CDXP as well. 

By layering Fullpath’s digital marketing capabilities on top of their audience activation efforts,  these 250  dealers were able to further break down data silos and leverage their first-party data to create omni-channel marketing campaigns with cross-platform messaging. As an added benefit, the dealerships were able to engage new leads and conquest new business while also engaging their existing lead database. 

Multi-Platform Optimization

These are the results:

After analyzing the data for all 250 dealerships, we discovered that those using the full combined capabilities of the CDXP on average experienced a 20% increase in lead generation, a 15% increase in close rates, and an astounding 38% increase in sales. 

By harnessing the full capabilities of the CDXP to create unified messaging across multiple platforms, dealers were able to create a clear, positive customer experience with multiple relevant and valuable touchpoints across the customer journey which ultimately enabled them to drive more sales and improve their bottom line.  

Unified Data, Unified Experience

For a CDJR dealership in Pennsylvania, enabling the full power of Fullpath’s leading CDXP had an added impact on their lead generation capabilities. 

The dealership initially partially enabled Fullpath, utilizing the digital advertising tools included in the CDXP to drive leads to their dealership website. While they saw a dramatic increase in incoming website traffic, they were not seeing the number of conversions they had hoped for. Upon further examination, they realized that their online experience was less than optimal and their incoming leads were having difficulty navigating their website. The dealership opted to enable Fullpath’s website engagement functionalities to create a clear, optimized, and personalized website experience for their incoming leads.

The results were instantaneous. Their combined improved website experience together with their optimized digital marketing strategy driven by Fullpath skyrocketed their lead conversion capabilities and the dealership saw an astounding 200% increase in incoming website leads in just a few short weeks.

The Sum of its Parts

“Fullpath transformed our marketing efforts. Their CDXP helped connect our data which was formerly siloed and automated it in order for us to make better marketing campaigns and become more efficient with our marketing efforts.”

Sean Western, Director of Marketing at Quirk Cars

Fullpath, automotive’s first and leading Customer Data and Experience Platform, is designed to leverage first-party data sources to create a holistic customer experience for dealership shoppers. By enabling the full capabilities of the platform, dealers allow Fullpath to optimize every touch point along the customer journey and improve their dealerships’ bottom line. While the various parts and features perform beautifully on their own, the CDXP really hits peak performance when it is allowed to work at full power. 

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