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The Top 14 Automotive & Dealership Conferences to Attend in 2024

  • December 20, 2023
9 min read
The Top 14 Automotive & Dealership Conferences to Attend in 2024

Table of Contents

    Ro Oranim

    Ro Oranim

    Table of Contents

      The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, driven by technological innovations, changing consumer preferences, and new regulatory standards. In this dynamic landscape, automotive dealership conferences have emerged as crucial hubs for knowledge sharing, networking, and staying ahead of the curve. These conferences offer a unique platform for dealers, industry experts, and thought leaders to converge, exchange ideas, and explore the latest trends shaping the future of automotive sales and services. 

      Attending these events offers invaluable insights into cutting-edge technologies, such as electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and digital marketing softwares that are revolutionizing the automotive world. Moreover, they serve as an excellent opportunity for dealerships to learn about new business models, customer engagement techniques, and operational efficiencies that can significantly enhance their competitive edge. 

      As we look towards 2024, these conferences promise to unveil new dimensions of automotive excellence, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of the industry and equipping them with the tools and knowledge to drive success in an increasingly competitive market.

      Top Automotive Conferences of 2024

      CES 2024

      Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

      When: Jan 9-12

      CES® stands out as the world’s leading technology event, a pivotal platform for showcasing emerging technologies and connecting global innovators. It’s the prime spot for companies to conduct business, form new partnerships, and for the industry’s top thinkers to present their newest products and most impressive innovations. Organized and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES is unique in featuring the full spectrum of the tech world in a single event.

      NADA Show 2024

      Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

      When: Feb 1-4

      The NADA Show 2024 presents a distinct chance for dealers and managers to delve into the newest trends, innovations, and tactics that can enhance their performance and expand their business. This exceptional educational program is tailored to tackle the present challenges and trends impacting various departments of dealerships.

      The Kain Workshop

      Where: Lexington, Kentucky

      When: April 9-11

      The 2024 Kain Workshop will have a host of Automotive Digital Experts sharing strategies and tactics to drive your business growth. As always, they will be introducing some of the most creative individuals in the automotive industry.

      AutoTech: Detroit

      Where: Novi, Michigan

      When: June 5-6

      AutoTech: Detroit assembles over 3,000 industry participants for two days of intensive business-to-business networking, fostering meaningful dialogues, relationships, and significant outcomes. Experience conference sessions developed in partnership with AutoTech’s Industry Advisory Board, addressing genuine issues and promoting effective innovation through a harmonious blend of strategy and technology.

      NIADA Convention & Expo

      Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

      When: June 17-20

      NIADA’s annual convention provides independent automobile dealers an opportunity to CONNECT with peers and thought leaders from inside the industry, LEARN regardless of budget size or business focus (Retail, Subprime, Buy Here Pay Here, Lease Here Pay Here),

      Women in Automotive

      Where: Dallas, Texas

      When: June (TBD)

      The annual Women in Automotive Conference to Dallas in June 2024. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this special automotive community dedicated to helping women in the industry navigate their individual lives and careers.

      Auto AI

      Where: San Francisco, California

      When: June 26-28

      Auto.AI USA stands as the premier conference focusing on artificial intelligence in SAE Level 3 to 5 autonomous vehicles. Attracting over 250 leading professionals and key decision-makers in fields like machine learning, AI, perception, computer vision, and data handling, it’s a hub for exchanging ideas. Participate and delve into discussions about self-supervised and behavioral learning, scalable machine learning and reinforcement learning methods, as well as evaluating perception and computer vision systems in the realm of autonomous driving alongside fellow members of the automotive AI community.

      CAR Management Briefing Seminars

      Where: Traverse City, Michigan

      When: Aug 5-8

      Make sure you don’t miss this major event in the automotive industry! The Management Briefing Seminars (MBS) are making a comeback, offering more exciting and insightful content than ever. This is your chance to gain valuable insights from top industry professionals and network with some of the most influential names and companies in the business.

      North American International Detroit Auto Show

      Where: Detroit, Michigan

      When: September 13-24

      Experience the world-famous Detroit Auto Show with your peers and colleagues. Over 20+ attractions, events, and shows all about vehicles and the ever-growing technology behind them.

      Automotive USA 2024

      Where: Detroit, Michigan

      When: Oct 21-23

      Returning to Motor City with an innovative format, this event merges top-level automotive leaders presenting groundbreaking news on stage and comprehensive, technical debates on everyday challenges. Facing a wave of transformation in our industry, Automotive USA aims to offer clear insights and strategies to tackle the challenges of this decade directly.

      Digital Dealer

      Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

      When: Oct 8-10

      Digital Dealer Conference & Expo, held annually, brings together automotive dealers, OEMs, thought leaders, and auto retail solution providers for a 2.5-day experience, powering professional growth and connections.

      Modern Retailing Conference (MRC)

      Where: Palm Beach, Florida

      When: November 17-19

      Modern Retailing Conference 2024 is an unmatched confluence of industry innovators and thought leaders. Dive into a realm of progressive strategies and technologies, pushing the boundaries of customer experience in automotive retail. Harness the power of this event to fuel growth, innovation, and excellence in your dealership.

      Used Car Week

      Where: Scottsdale, Arizona

      When: November (dates TBD)

      Used Car Week (UCW) brings together every aspect of the used-car sector, including remarketing, dealer-consignor relationships, and auto finance. Over four days, participants from six diverse tracks gather to examine present trends, anticipate future developments, and prepare for upcoming challenges in the industry.

      Automotive Retail 2024

      Where: Detroit, Michigan 

      When: TBD

      Automotive Retail 2024 unites dealership and OEM trailblazers who will take to the stage and lay out the roadmap for a decade defined by upheaval, disruption and most importantly, growth. This two-day event has been carefully curated to provide solutions for the most critical automotive retail issues, including:

      • Digital Dealership Strategy
      • EV Marketing and Sales Acceleration
      • The future of the OEM/Dealer relationship
      • Ecommerce and Meeting the Needs of the Modern Consumer

      Why Attend an Automotive Conference?

      Attending automotive dealership conferences in 2024 is more than just an opportunity to gather industry knowledge; it’s a strategic investment in the future of your business. These conferences are a melting pot of innovation, where the latest trends and advancements in automotive technology, sales strategies, and customer experience are unveiled. They provide a rare chance to gain first-hand insights from industry leaders and pioneers, offering a deeper understanding of the evolving market dynamics. 

      Networking is another critical component – these events bring together a diverse group of professionals, from dealership owners to automotive tech startups, creating a vibrant community for sharing experiences, challenges, and success stories. By engaging in these interactions, attendees can forge valuable connections, find potential partners, and learn best practices from peers. Additionally, these conferences often feature workshops and seminars tailored to enhance specific skills, such as digital marketing, inventory management, and customer relationship building. This hands-on learning can be directly applied to improve dealership operations and customer satisfaction. In essence, these conferences are not just events, but catalysts for growth and innovation, providing attendees with the tools and insights needed to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

      In summary, industry conferences are not just about learning; they’re opportunities for growth, inspiration, networking, and even enjoyment, all contributing to the success of your business.

      Tips to Make the Most Out of Any Auto Dealership Conference and Trade Show as a Vendor

      Conferences and trade shows are fantastic opportunities to showcase your brand, meet potential clients, and network with industry peers. But to really make the most out of the next automotive conference you attend, a bit of planning goes a long way. Here are some insider tips to help you prepare effectively and ensure that your time at the event is both productive and enjoyable.

      Prepare Your Exhibition Space and Marketing Materials

      While it might seem straightforward, early preparation for your exhibition space is crucial. Tailor your marketing materials to resonate with the conference theme, design an engaging booth layout, and select appropriate promotional items (SWAG). Initiating these preparations immediately after deciding to attend a conference ensures everything is in top shape for the event.

      Get The Word Out

      Although chance encounters at conferences are inevitable, targeted networking is key. Enhance your visibility by announcing your participation on social media, blogging about your involvement, and including your booth details in your email signature. This proactive approach helps key individuals and companies locate you easily during the conference.

      Do Your Homework

      Identify key companies and individuals you wish to connect with at the event. Investigate who will be in attendance, locate their booths, and consider reaching out beforehand to schedule meetings. This pre-planning maximizes your networking opportunities.

      Host a Signature Event

      Elevate your presence by organizing a sub-event. This could be a specialized workshop, a casual mixer, a product demonstration, or any activity that aligns with your brand. Extend invitations to your professional circle and potential clients to foster deeper connections during the conference.

      Engage in Continuous Learning

      Attend workshops and seminars offered at the conference. These sessions are valuable for staying updated with industry trends and can provide fresh insights that can be applied to your business.

      Follow-Up Post-Conference

      The real magic happens after the event. Promptly follow up with the contacts you’ve made. Whether it’s through personalized emails, LinkedIn messages, or phone calls, keeping the conversation going is crucial for nurturing these new relationships.

      Leverage Technology for Networking

      Utilize conference apps or social media hashtags specific to the event for real-time networking. These tools can help you connect with attendees and speakers, facilitating easier interactions and engagements.

      By incorporating these strategies, you’ll not only make a significant impact at the conference but also pave the way for future business opportunities and partnerships.

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