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The Top 7 CRMs for the Auto Industry

  • February 25, 2016
5 min read
The Top 7 CRMs for the Auto Industry

Table of Contents

    Ilana Shabtay

    Ilana Shabtay

    Table of Contents

      A powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is a great tool for any business that values Internet leads. Managing a segmented list of subscribers is essential to following up with leads in a timely manner, providing them with the service they are seeking, and convincing them that your brand is trustworthy. Dealerships have unique needs when it comes to managing leads, and there are plenty of CRMs out there that cater specifically to the automotive industry.

      A lot of factors go into choosing the right CRM for your dealership, but the two main questions to ask yourself before choosing are:

      1) Will I be able to train my team to feel comfortable using this tool?

      2) Does this tool provide my dealership with the ability to follow up with the right leads at the right time with the right proposals and offers? Remember: [Tweet “You want your CRM to help build meaningful relationships with customers.”]

      Keeping in mind your dealership’s unique goals and needs, here is a list of 7 of the leading CRM tools for Dealerships:

      DealerSocket CRM

      DealerSocket is the one-stop shop for dealership marketing. Their award-winning software allows all departments of a dealership involved in sales to get the best results, save time, and close more deals. DealerSocket allows you to manage marketing activities, sales processes, customer satisfaction and retention, and service department operations. With email and automated marketing templates, automated follow up sequences, and lead management, this CRM gives a comprehensive solution to an auto marketer’s needs.

      VinSolutions MotoSnap Automotive CRM

      VinSolutions is another CRM that fully integrates with all other softwares that a dealership uses. It was created and designed by experts and professionals from automotive sales. With their web-based platform, a dealership can market to anyone, anywhere, without any physical boundaries, increasing market share and revenue. Their customizable automated follow up provides flexibility and smart targeting.

      Dominion Sales Center CRM

      Formerly known as the Autobase Sales Center, Dominion helps auto dealers to generate the most profitable customer relationships possible. This tool allows you to funnel sales and service leads from every source (showroom, Internet, service, phone, etc.) into one solution, and maximize on your sales staff’s potential. Dominion is one of the most experienced players in the game, and their software provides a comprehensive solution for dealer marketing and lead follow up.

      DealerPeak CRM Center

      This CRM is tailored for BDC and Internet Sales agents, easy-to-use and integrates with your existing platforms. This software provides printable forms and documents, integrated analytics, and lead management from multiple sources. They also do not limit users, so anyone at your dealership can sign in and manage leads. Wowza! 


      Easi’r is the leading cloud relations platform for the automotive industry. Its fresh interface puts it ahead of its competitors in ease of use. The Europe-based company helps you close more deals and build long-lasting, meaningful and profitable customer relations. Their focus on customer lifetime and custom workflows will ensure that you are getting the most out of every lead.


      Dealermine offers one CRM for all departments. It enables you to track leads, enforce your sales process and measure the effectiveness of your team. It integrates all of your systems and includes scheduling, marketing campaigns, and follow up via email, social media, and telephone, helping you stay organized and follow up with leads fast. In addition to a Sales CRM, they offer a robust Service CRM – they believe that service is the key to future sales and retention and can significantly impact dealership gross profit.

      IzmoCars Car Dealership CRM

      IzmoCars provides a cost effective CRM solution for dealerships. They help improve management of sales opportunities, allowing you to adapt to the customers’ preferred communication media. They increase sales through more efficient lead follow up. Also, they help you identify cross sell opportunities by mining your data. If you are looking for a full CRM solution for under $1000 a month, this software is worth checking out.

      Turn your CRM into a sales and advertising powerhouse: 

      The data in your CRM is crucial for effective online advertising. You can use it to retarget previous buyers with renewal ads – offering them a new deal when their lease is almost up or reminding them of your service department – all through ads on google and social media. You can also target “lookalike audiences” – a whole new pool of customers with characteristics and demographics similar to your current client base. 

      CRM retargeting used to be done manually and was quite expensive and complicated – so many dealerships refrained from using this method. Nowadays, automated ad platforms like Acquire can generate thousands of retargeting campaigns for a fraction of the cost – making it that much easier to reconnect with old customers and appeal to new ones. 

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