Enhance the art of the sale at your dealership with data-driven opportunities.

Make your sales team more effective with AI-powered sales enablement tools.

Your best opportunities are hiding in your blindspot.

Fullpath Sales Enablement is designed to spot the sales opportunities you don’t even know exist.

Fullpath leverages your dealership’s real-time first-party data to identify shoppers who are engaging with your dealership’s marketing behind the scenes; from the shopper who came in 6 months ago and never made a purchase, to the customer you haven’t spoken to in 10 years – if they are active, Fullpath Sales Enablement will spot them.

Using AI, Fullpath matches each shopper with recommended vehicles, relevant financing options, and generates AI talking points for your team to use in their follow up process. All of this information is gathered into one easy-to-navigate dashboard, so all your sales team needs to do is make the call.

Intent-driven opportunity lists.

Fullpath uses your first-party data to identify in-market shoppers who are actively engaging with your dealership but are not necessarily converting on your website, so your sales team can reach out, answer any questions, and build a relationship.

Optimized daily sales workflows.

Your strongest opportunities should be your top priority. Fullpath Sales Enablement sends a daily digest of your opportunities divided by salesperson so your team can prioritize their time and efforts.

Effective customer conversations.

Fullpath Sales Enablement leverages generative AI to produce talking points for your sales team to help guide their conversations with your shoppers and easily highlight the features of your vehicles.

Key Features of Fullpath Sales Enablement:

Opportunity Lists

Fullpath leverages real-time data to identify your hottest sales opportunities and builds an easy-to-navigate list within your dashboard to facilitate easy follow-up by your sales team.

Daily Digests

Start your day with a list of your strongest opportunities to make a sale today. Fullpath Sales Enablement drops a daily list of opportunities divided by salesperson in your inbox each morning so your team can prioritize their efforts for the day.

Real-time Data

Fullpath leverages your first-party data in real time to find opportunities to make a sale now. Real-time data updates also ensure your team is always working with the most recent data available about every shopper so you can speak directly to their needs and preferences.

Detailed Profiles

Fullpath compiles detailed profiles about every opportunity that includes current vehicle, equity status, financing plan, vehicle of interest, website activity, email and ad engagements and more so you can gain a complete picture of each shopper’s customer journey.

1:1 Vehicle Matching

Fullpath leverages your shopper data to identify the best vehicle match from within your inventory for each opportunity. This enables your sales team to use a specific vehicle in their call that directly reflects the needs and preferences of each individual shopper.

Personalized Financing

Along with each vehicle match, Fullpath offers a personalized financing option based on the shopper’s individual equity status, powered by OfferLogix.

Adjustable Quotes

Fullpath’s integrated financing tools allow your sales team to explore the different financing options available for each shopper to help work through the conversation.

AI Talking Points

Leveraging generative AI, Fullpath provides talking points for every shopper vehicle match to help your sales team have more effective, informative follow-up conversations.

Quick Links

Each vehicle match within the Fullpath Sales Enablement dashboard includes quick links so you can easily and quickly make a phone call or send off an email with the deal to the shopper.

CDP Integrations

Sales Enablement is directly linked to the Fullpath CDP, offering you even more access to high-value opportunities.

It’s time to stop shooting in the dark and start working with actionable call lists.

Fullpath Sales Enablement is designed to help you stop working from massive CRM lists and start hitting the target with every phone call. By leveraging your real-time data, Fullpath creates detailed, targeted lists of known in-market opportunities who actually want to be spoken to about buying a vehicle. This offers your team the chance to reach out, offer their help, and build those relationships that are necessary to get the sale over the finish line.

Why is it important to integrate data and AI into your dealership’s sales process?

Modern shoppers have come to expect high levels of personalization from their retailers which means the modern shopping experience is all about data. What you know about your shopper at any given moment can make or break a sale. By combining the power of your dealership’s first-party data, AI, and the art of the sale, you can transform your approach for every individual shopper based on their particular interests and needs to close the deal.

Traditional Sales

Shoppers pulled by last-touched date

Restricted lead-only activities

One vehicle match

Ineffective conversations

Manual quote generation

AI-Powered Sales Enablement

Carefully curated opportunities list

Identify and engage active non-leads

Multiple options from inventory

AI-generated talking points

Automated equity-based quotes

How it Works

Step 1

CDP Activation

Fullpath activates your first-party data to track customer behavior in real time and identify active shoppers who have not submitted a lead.

Step 2

Identify Opportunities

Your strongest opportunities to make a sale are pulled into a list and get sent to your email in a daily digest.

Step 3

Opportunity Enhancement

Fullpath’s AI generates talking points for your sales team to help bolster their conversations with your opportunities.

Step 4


Your sales team reaches out to the opportunities for an easy, relationship building conversation that can lead to a sale.

Our Story

Fullpath is dedicated to helping dealers build unforgettable customer experiences that create customers for life.

What started as a dream with a group of friends working out of a small Jerusalem apartment is now a growing tech company of top-tier engineers, data scientists, and world-class customer success managers dedicated to helping dealerships meet and surpass their sales goals every month.


How does Fullpath identify opportunities?

Fullpath leverages your first and third-party data to identify shoppers who are engaging with your dealership in real-time. This process also works to surface relevant industry trends and identity shoppers with an interesting equity status engaging with marketing – data mining, surfacing industry trends – calculate who has an interesting equity state and pulls those together, define your own opportunities – shopper analysis etc.)

Where does Fullpath get their financing information from?

Fullpath integrates with Offerlogix and KBB to pull financial information and vehicle valuation data to provide personalized financing options.

How does Fullpath calculate equity status?

Fullpath calculates a shopper’s equity status using a combination of data pulled from the DMS, CRM, and Kelly Blue Book (KBB). The primary points considered when calculating a shopper’s equity status for the purposes of marketing and engaging shoppers around equity offers include: total purchase price, down payment, terms, monthly payment, interest, and the current value of the vehicle. When calculating positive equity in a loan, Fullpath subtracts the current loan balance from the current market value of the car according to estimates provided by the KBB.

Why does my dealership need Sales Enablement?

Fullpath Sales Enablement is designed to help you identify shoppers that are in your blindspot This includes shoppers who are actively engaging with your marketing – they are browsing your website, clicking on ads, or opening your emails, but are not taking the next step. These are valuable, in-market shoppers that are actively looking to make a purchase. By identifying these shoppers and bringing them to the forefront, Fullpath gives your sales team the opportunity to reach out and build a relationship with someone who would never even make their way on to your call lists.

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