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Thinking Outside the Box with Colin Carrasquillo of Nielsen Automotive Group

  • October 23, 2020
31 min read
Thinking Outside the Box with Colin Carrasquillo of Nielsen Automotive Group

Aharon Horwitz
CEO, Fullpath

Colin Carrasquillo
Digital Marketing Manager, Nielsen Automotive Group

Colin Carrasquillo is the Digital Marketing Manager at Nielsen Automotive Group, a dealership group with seven locations throughout northern New Jersey. Colin is a self-proclaimed “experimarketer,” which refers to an individual that creates, innovates, and appreciates ways for marketers to create new opportunities for businesses.

He is also the host of the Experimarketing podcast, where he discusses advertising trends and tools with thought leaders in the automotive space. Above all, Colin aims to educate dealers about effective advertising by thinking outside the box—and positively impacting their bottom line.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Colin Carrasquillo explains his current role as the Digital Marketing Manager at Nielsen Automotive Group
  • How Colin got started in the automotive industry
  • What should you focus on innovating at your dealership?
  • The white space that dealers are overlooking
  • Colin talks about the current opportunities for dealerships to improve their marketing strategies
  • The benefits of creating authentic content
  • Colin discusses his podcast, Experimarketing

In this episode…

All dealerships want to sell more cars. But with so many places to invest your resources, how do you decide where to spend your money when it comes to advertising? Colin Carrasquillo, the Digital Marketing Manager at Nielsen Automotive Group, knows that using data to make informed decisions about your advertising is the key to cutting costs—and ultimately selling more vehicles.

Join Aharon Horwitz in this episode of Inside Auto Podcast as he talks to Colin Carrasquillo, the Digital Marketing Manager at Nielsen Automotive Group. Colin discusses his career journey and shares his powerful insight on digital marketing in the automotive space. He also talks about the platforms that are uncharted by dealers, discusses why creating authentic content is important, and explains the idea behind his podcast, Experimarketing.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:03

Welcome to Inside Auto Podcast where we feature everyone and anyone you’d want to talk to in and out of the automotive industry.

Aharon Horwitz 0:15

Hey everyone, Aharon Horwitz here, host of Inside Auto Podcast, where we interview top dealers, GMs, marketers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in and out of the automotive industry. Before we introduce today’s guest, this episode is sponsored by AutoLeadStar is pioneering marketing automation in the automotive industry with sophisticated machine learning that future proofs the dealerships marketing operations and can really take things to the next level. I am excited to welcome Colin Carrasquillo. Oh, pause. I meant to ask you Colin. How do I pronounce your last name

Colin Carrasquillo 0:51

Carrasquillo. That was pretty good, man. Okay.

Aharon Horwitz 0:55

Yeah, I am so excited to welcome Colin Carrasquillo. I am so yeah. I am so excited today to welcome Colin Carrasquillo. Colin is the digital marketing manager for the Nielsen Automotive Group, which is a seven dealership group with locations throughout northern New Jersey. Colin is a self-proclaimed experimarketer, we’re gonna hear what that is. But it’s an individual who creates, innovates, and appreciate ways for marketers to generate new opportunities for businesses. He currently hosts the Experimarketing podcast, where he promotes the experimarketer philosophy. And we’re gonna learn more about that, and discusses advertising trends and tools with thought leaders in the automotive space. Colin’s goal is to educate dealers, how to more efficiently advertise by thinking outside the box and ultimately positively impact their bottom lines. Colin, thank you for joining us today. Welcome.

Colin Carrasquillo 1:50

Thank you for having me on. It’s an absolute pleasure to be on Inside Auto Podcast and obviously have some great conversation. I hope so let’s get into it.

Aharon Horwitz 1:59

Yeah, Colin, you’re now you’re on the other side of the table. Right? You’re usually in the hosting chair? Yes, that’s

Colin Carrasquillo 2:03

correct. Yes, yeah, with the Experimarketing podcast, and thank you for that lovely introduction. But it’s nice to be on the other side of the table. So I’m just gonna sit back, relax. And hopefully I do the the show justice. So thank

Aharon Horwitz 2:17

you. Very nice. I did want to compliment you on the greenery in your office, it is kind of a rare sight in a dealership to see like a couple of nice plants, like I am feeling like that says something about you?

Colin Carrasquillo 2:28

Well, I’ll tell you what, it’s all fake. They’re all fake. And that’s why they’re exceptionally green. So maybe I fell right back into the pitfalls of what you would normally think of on the auto industry. But it’s, it’s a facade. So

Aharon Horwitz 2:43

It works it works, it creates that feeling because that calming sense, you know, and I guess like that’s, you know, one of the, in my mind, when I talk to folks who are in the seat that you’re in, like one of the defining characteristics is just the intensity of the job. It just seems like it is a fast and furious non stop type of experience. I assume that it’s that way for you guys as well.

Colin Carrasquillo 3:04

Yeah, I mean, overseeing seven dealerships within the Nielsen Automotive Group, it is a lot. And I consider myself a one man wrecking crew, I essentially oversee all of the digital advertising for all seven stores, and I don’t have any, any help at this point in time. Now, it’d be awesome to have some help in the future, of course, we are making do and I’d like to say instead of just making do you know, we’re making waves, we’re making impacts. And obviously, a lot of that comes down to our vendor partners and who we work with which do alleviate the stress and kind of things like that, that I would go through on a daily basis. AutoLeadStar actually being one of them. And so you know, it’s gone very well thus far. And so we’re very happy to have those relationships in place. Yeah.

Aharon Horwitz 3:50

Good to hear that. Yeah. And I mean, it’s interesting having that talk to you, you know, for a while, I have a sense that you’re pretty steeped in sort of, you know, the, the auto side, but also the digital side. And I would love to know, you know, your story a bit how you came to auto I think every one of us has a story, and how you entered the dealership world and sort of what are the journeys you’ve been on along the way, it just helps give us some context. And I think for those listening, you know, we’d like to hear the, you know, the, the, the journey and the human side of it. And tell us a little bit about that, like, how you how you came to the industry. You know, how you really came to educate yourself. And, you know, that’ll bring us up to today? Yep. So

Colin Carrasquillo 4:34

absolutely, um, you know, I went to school for marketing. And once I graduated in 2014, with my degree in marketing, I ended up starting. My first job was at an advertising agency close to home and in New Jersey, and it was an automotive automotive advertising actually. So I cut my teeth in this industry, and obviously it’s one of the industries that I’ve stuck with but along the way I’ve learned a lot of great things I do give a lot of what I know today, or I should give credit to, you know, my, my previous boss at that automotive advertising agency, he was a gentleman that was really scrutinized all of the data and all the advertising solutions. And and that’s one of the things that, you know, I think definitely made me who I am today in terms of the digital marketer and being a skeptic, if you will, I think that’s a really big portion of what digital marketers should do is actually be skeptics to make sure that they’re getting the best results and return on investments for whoever they’re representing, whether it’s the dealership that I physically sit at, and in my job, or if they’re working with other, you know, vendor partners, so on and so forth. So, cut my teeth in automotive advertising, ended up departing the industry for about a year and did some freelance work, I really wanted to expand my horizons in terms of other kind of industries that I could get into. So when I was freelancing, I worked for, you know, Institute’s banking institutions, financial institutions, higher education, so for colleges and things like that, always doing their digital advertising, though. So whether that was search engine marketing, or search engine optimization, or social media, really just trying to learn everything I could, and really help out those industries and those people that I was representing at the time. And then after that, I ended up coming back full circle to the dealership, and I’ve been here now for three and a half years at Nielsen Automotive Group. And it’s been a perfect marriage ever since. So hopefully, this isn’t just the honeymoon phase.

Aharon Horwitz 6:36

And I guess it’s interesting to be kind of with what you’ve seen, both sort of in that, that initial phase when you’re working in an agency, and then, you know, now going in house, I have conversations, you know, around the industry, and, you know, we’re always talking about like, what’s commoditized? What’s kind of just, you know, everything’s the same where, where is there room for innovation? And, you know, you sitting in that seat with seven stores under you and you think about, okay, how do you really, you know, mark with this product, and, you know, in the ecosystem that you guys have there in, in your guys region? Like, where are the areas that you think are important for your dealership to be pushing on, where you can still innovate? And, you know, where are the areas where you feel like, you know, it’s just not important right now, and you’re going to kind of put it on the side? I’m curious how you think about those things?

Colin Carrasquillo 7:26

Yes. So that’s a great question. And you know, it’s very, I would say, it’s very challenging. That is definitely one of the challenges within the industry. It all though, and you know, this is nothing against the auto industry, we are a very antiquated industry. And I don’t say that inviting criticism or challenges, what we need to realize when we say that this is an antiquated industry is there’s a lot of opportunity, as you just mentioned, for improvement. And I think a lot of that we’ve witnessed, really, in the past couple of months, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the adoption of digital retailing, and dealers really getting smart about how they’re going to go about their advertising. And a lot of that actually started with this panic, when you know, dealers had to shut down due to what was going on, you know, in the United States, and, and obviously, other areas around the world. You know, I think a lot of dealers handled it the same way. They shuttered their their dealerships, they stopped advertising. And a lot of that was this panic mode. But what we’re seeing as we come back out of, I mean, we’re still going through the pandemic. But as we recently make this reemergence, if you will, or, you know, we’re coming back to do business, again, we’ve realized that we need to be lean, and we need to run, you know, lean and mean, that’s it essentially with our advertising expenditures. So the way I go about it is this, I ultimately want to focus on a few key components when making advertising decisions at the group that I represent. And I hope this speaks to dealers, a lot of it comes down to the data, there is so much information and data out there. And a lot of the vendor partners that dealers currently work with have access to this data. It’s dealers jobs, to ask for that information. And when I say data, I’m talking I mean, these vendor partners of ours, whether it’s Facebook, who obviously owning Instagram, you can leverage the data on Instagram, folks like AutoLeadStar and the data that they have access to, you know, with their vendor partners or their OEM partners. The data is what’s going to make you be able to make informed decisions about your advertising to cut costs, but to ultimately sell more vehicles in the future. So the way I go about it is one when I’m making these relationships or making decisions in terms of the advertising expenditures that we’re going to do, it focuses on data. What is the data telling me and once I have that information and know that that data that I’m looking for in market shoppers, customer profile, so on and so forth. Once I have that, and I feel confident about making those decisions, then I’ll make the decision. But if I do not feel confident, I am not going to make that decision. And that’s it plain and simple, because a lot of things that you end up saying, hey, let me try this, which sure it’s always good to try things. But if you try things, and it’s not an educated try, if you will, then it’s not going to do your dealership justice. So that’s that’s really the biggest thing is data and I how I think about it, what’s available to me to make these decisions. Then the other thing is just about finding this white space. Now what I mean by that is, essentially, we have dealers that you know, the tried and true methods of digital advertising, search, engine marketing, display, retargeting, so on and so forth. Social media, what I like to do as an experimarketer is I like to find the whitespace, where we know that people are still interacting on certain platforms, right, for example, like Pinterest, or Snapchat, or Tik Tok, these are awesome platforms that are completely uncharted by dealers. And so when you try new things, but leveraging that data that’s available, I think dealers can see some success, and it diversifies your portfolio. And basically, it’s like investing in stocks, right, you’re not going to buy all blue chip stocks, you’re not going to buy all penny stocks, what they say the best diversified portfolio is something that you have some expensive stocks, and you have some cheaper options. And that’s how it balances out. But that’s what it is. It’s finding that diversified marketing portfolio where you’re getting that white space, but you’re leveraging the data to help you make those decisions.

Aharon Horwitz 11:43

Very interesting point. And I think that a I love the like, rigor upfront, you know, it’s sort of that hire slow fire fast type mentality, meaning you just you are willing to take as long as you need to, basically, you know, form a conviction around a particular opportunity or vendor or whatever it is, before you take that tries that hopefully, that try is because you know, there’s nothing more permanent than something worth something temporary, as they say, right? That try turns out to be more that more often than not at least something that you can lean into over time, when it comes to whitespace. Which, you know, I think, again, I talked to and you know, sitting in a vendor seat, right, I’m talking about 10s of dealers a week. Right. Very few are, are looking at the white spaces that you mentioned. And it was interesting. I was talking to someone on my team about Nielsen recently. And we were kind of, you know, we were talking about that how you you write about you speak about you talk about platforms like Pinterest, Tik Tok, whatnot. I’m not sure if there’s 50 dealers in the U.S. right now, on Tik Tok in a serious way, you know, on on those platforms. It’s just very interesting. Like, in some ways, you’re there. You’re, you’re like really running on an experiment that will inform the whole industry meaning, so it’s a yes to your benefit to kind of go into those areas that might be open. But it’s also an interesting experiment. Can that drive opportunity for a dealership?

Colin Carrasquillo 13:13

Yeah, I think that you know, hits the nail on the head. Ultimately, I know that there are dealers out there ultimate lesson, let’s let’s boil it down to its most simple form. dealers want to sell cars, right. But what dealers do is they are continuing to invest their money in avenues, whether it’s traditional media, which you know, please dealers, if you’re doing that, yes, there is sometimes the methods of the madness, but move a lot of that money towards digital, you’re going to have better return on investment, you’re going to have better attribution. If you’re talking about, hey, well, what did this get me? digital is going to be able to help you out with that. But let’s talk about the dealers that have already made that jump. They’ve reallocated some of that money that was in traditional advertising to the digital side of things. Well, they’re doing it in search engine marketing, they’re doing it in display and retargeting and they’re doing it in social media. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, because that’s where people are. But think about it. Think about all of the things that are happening in this day and age going on right now. I mean, with the election, and everything like that all these outlets are becoming polluted with Yeah, type of content. And it’s not just me, I know everyone on social media knows this to an experience on social media is not what it once was. There’s a lot of divisiveness, there’s a lot of you know, this is negative energy. Totally. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be spending on those platforms, because ultimately, that’s where your customer base is, right? They’re still on social. But look at these other avenues. Like you’ve mentioned Pinterest, Tik Tok, Snapchat, where there is this large user base and the user base is only growing I mean Pinterest has posted astronomical growth numbers within the past couple of months. Tik Tok as we know, exceptionally popular and yes, although we might think hey, you know those demographics using those platforms aren’t for me. Well, first of all, anyone that you know is of a certain age or has a certain monetary you know, income, whatever it is they can purchase a vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to do it now, but right in the future. So for Pinterest users, people are going to Pinterest for inspiration and aspirationally trying to achieve something. I’ll tell you the campaigns and tests that we’ve run on Pinterest, we’ve seen success, where individuals are coming down, or they’re usually thought to be higher up the funnel, they are converting on our websites, they’re filling out chats, through filling out forms, and it’s really promising to see that those areas there is opportunity. Same thing with Tik Tok, although it might be a younger demographic, there actually is a demographic that is the coveted millennial audience that everyone’s going after. But we also know from studies that have been released from companies like Polk Automotive and Experian that these individuals, people aren’t brand loyal, they’re not dealership loyal anymore. So what dealers need to do is get in front of these individuals actually, earlier on in the purchase funnel, to start building that brand awareness and brand loyalty. And that’s where I think you’ll have success on those platforms.

Aharon Horwitz 16:14

Yeah, no, I agree with you. I mean, you know, when you just think about a Tik Tok it’s like, people, I think the stats that I’d see, you know, like 90% of users are on and multiple times a day. Yes, 50%, or under, you know, 34, 35, whatever it is, but a that’s a coveted demographic, and there’s a lot of people who are above. So, you know, you definitely I think are correct, in the, in the assessment, those are opportunities. I just think knowing how to work in those media is challenging. And I don’t think dealers typically have the mindspace to say, Okay, let’s really sit down because, you know, it’s, it’s a monthly grind, right? Everyone’s just like racing after that, you know, number at the end of the month to sit down and think strategically, what is a three, four month, five month entry plan look like to get into one of these new platforms? I’m amazed, you have the ability to like, zoom out on that. I don’t know if that’s the culture of the dealership, or you’re just like, uh, you know, you’re you’re fast thinker. It seems like it. So, you know, how did you how did you kind of set that out for yourself is like a flag you on the raise and have the dealership react when you start talking about those things?

Colin Carrasquillo 17:18

I think the whole idea was that we are always looking for new ways of doing things. I will say that the dealership, you know, the Nielsen Automotive Group, which I represent, they have always prided themselves on being forward thinkers and kind of first movers in the market. And you know, the problem with that, though, once again, I’ll bring up a stock example is it is it’s like playing the stock market, you don’t want to get in too early, where you’re spending money on something that essentially has not been proven, or you know, does not work. And in a perfect example, is digital retailing tools. Okay, people have been promoting digital retailing product for the better half of five years. And you know, the past five years, and only now, right out of a pandemic, have people started really adopting digital retailing tools. And so I say to myself, you know, what, it probably would have been beneficial to have the tool prior to the pandemic, because we would have been more prepared. But there’s a trade off between people using the tool, actually, and dealers spending money for the tool, right? So how much money am I going to spend to get one deal versus now I have the tool and we’re getting multiple deals through it. But that’s because everything has kind of been expedited due to these unprecedented circumstances. So for me, you know, as although that was kind of an aside and a tangent, the whole idea is this, the automotive group has always been forward thinking has always been Let’s be first movers in the space, we know that these platforms out there are utilized by people on a daily basis. And it’s the demographics and it’s the buyers, our potential buyers that we want, you know, just because they haven’t been tried before, it does not mean that you should not try them. And that’s the whole point of this. That’s the whole point of, you know, my belief. And obviously, what I promote an external marketing is it’s making marketing experiments and seeing essentially what works and along the way, you’re going to learn a lot of great things, everything’s not going to work. But if I could utilize these platforms and mitigate my cost up front, right, so utilizing Pinterest, Tik Tok, Snapchat, you don’t really have to do any paid advertising on it, it can all be organic. And if you start seeing that there’s a there’s traction with just your organic posting, well, then, I mean, you’re gonna have some success once you start putting the paid stuff to it, that’s for sure. So that’s kind of how I look at it. And, you know, that’s that’s kind of how this is compounded on itself and become what it’s become.

Aharon Horwitz 19:44

Yeah, I just I think, for those things to work for really to go into a new platform and for organic to work. You need to have a true brand voice and you need to have a you need a you know, as a dealership. I mean, you really need someone there. Who, who just can embody the energy of the platform? Right? Because, like, what’s what’s appropriate on Google is not appropriate on Facebook is not appropriate on LinkedIn is not. Right. That’s an old concept that people talk about. But I think like, it’s super, super relevant to these new platforms. If you don’t know how to embody the medium in a way, that’s not fake. It’s not. It’s just, it’s got to be authentic authenticity is the number one criteria.

Colin Carrasquillo 20:26

Yeah. So I mean, with That stated, I think that that’s definitely one of the opportunities for improvement, even here at the Nielsen Automotive Group. As I mentioned earlier on in the podcast, I’m a one man wrecking crew. I have seven stores that are spread out amongst a very vast geography, and but the things that is actually hindering my ability. And what I can do is the fact that these platforms require content. And it’s authentic content. And that’s the key to success, I think, for a lot of dealers. So for dealers listening out there, they want to talk about content being king, and yes, that’s a portion of it. But this content needs to be authentic, it needs to be disseminated out on all these different platforms tailored to that specific platform. And that’s how you’re gonna get success. I mean, I’ll talk about this. I’m sure you’ve seen it. I’m sure everyone’s seen it. For that matter. There are two instances very recently, you had the vice presidential debate with Mike Pence and the fly on his head. Okay, that went viral that trended all night, during the debate. You also, like my favorite guy, at this point in time Doggface208 on Tik Tok, who is skateboarding down the road because his car broke down Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” is playing in the background, and he’s drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice. I recently just did an external marketing express podcast on this, but I just talked about the whole idea that and if we’re talking about these other platforms, look at how absolutely viral these moments were. And if dealers actually were astute or attuned, or in tune to what was happening in that moment in time, they could have leveraged that virality. And they could have made it their own. I mean, the example I gave in the discussion was, essentially, okay, you know, we have three Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram dealerships, it would have been awesome. If at that moment, I said, Hey, give me a Jeep Wrangler. Let’s put the top down. Give me some Ocean Spray cranberry juice.

Colin Carrasquillo 22:21

I’m gonna go drive him drink my Ocean

Colin Carrasquillo 22:23

Spray cranberry juice singing and Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, leveraging what just occurred in this absolutely viral moment? You would have had some success with that, that’s for sure.

Aharon Horwitz 22:33

Yeah, that’s it’s just like being able to get totally I think that authenticity being in tune to what’s going to work in the medium is credible. Yeah, I think it goes back to the large the point we started with, which is that? I mean, in every industry that in every aspect of our life, right technologies created some sort of phased evolution. You know, you think about like, I, you know, Steve Jobs in whenever it was 2007, when he introduced the iPhone, he said, we’re gonna build software we’re building it was like, he said, there’s a phone, there’s an internet machine, and there’s a iPod. And then he’s like, and it’s all in one device, right? And then to do that, they had to go from a keyboard to a touchscreen, right? Why? Because the they want to give you a full operating system, you can’t do a full operating system, when you are in these little, you know, or I don’t know, landlines or mobile or Netflix, Blockbuster to Netflix, or those types of evolutions. It’s that moment when technology starts to work for you, rather than you essentially having to operate according to the limits of that technology. And I think a lot of what I’ve seen in auto over the past couple years is like, like dealers are like, Ah, you’re having meetings about keywords and strategies, and how do I move some budget here, it’s all speculative. It’s all people just guessing. It’s all based on like, it’s like, it’s not based, as you said, on data. And just in like, we’re at the point where, in a lot of these platforms, the basic stuff should happen on the machine level, and you should set strategy and then the machine should just know how to go in and use the API’s and do this and that with Google and Facebook or whatever. And then the authentic content, the like, you know, the customer stories, the, you know, moments you’re talking about, that’s where the human creativity really shines. You don’t need to go in and enter 45 new keywords, you’re going to get it wrong, but just let the machine do that, right. But when it comes to that, you know, Ocean Spray moment in the Jeep Wrangler that like you hopped on the you produce, then you’re talking about a real good use of your time as a, you know, I think is like someone who’s bringing a brand out trying to create an identity and say, hey, my dealership isn’t like, we’re not a listing we are we’re not like a name, a phone number or a price or we’re something else. We’re a community. We get it we have a personality. I think it’s a very challenging, very challenging in automotive to do that. But but it’s it’s good that you’re talking about that. So leave us with this, like what is Experimarketing meaning what is this podcast that you do if I go on and listen to it and sign up? I see what’s on Spotify everywhere. What am I going to hear when I subscribe?

Colin Carrasquillo 24:58

Yes. So thank you. So Experimarketing, I mean, we’ve kind of been discussing the whole concept, this whole podcast, which I absolutely loved. So thank you for that. But the whole idea, I mean, with experimarketing cutting is this, I am confident that I am not the only one that feels this way, in the automotive industry, whether you are a dealer, someone who represents a dealership or someone who works with the dealership, vendor partners, you know, that we trust in that we work with on a daily basis. Everyone wants to try something new and wants to find success and ultimately make success for themselves or the dealership that they represent. The whole idea with Experimarketing is just that I want to connect through this platform, those forward thinkers and those thought leaders and give them a platform where they can communicate their successes, their failures, things that they’ve done, that essentially are thinking way outside the box, yet provide opportunities for businesses to grow, right for dealerships to grow and ultimately impact their their bottom line positively. And with that, we connect with excellent thought leaders in the space. I mean, not to name drop, or company drop, I’ll say, but in our first for a little while to do a little and our first four episodes. I mean, we were really fortunate one which is absolutely just the tip of the iceberg iceberg. We connected with Shane Dwyer, who is the Head of U.S. Automotive at Snap Inc. So yes, Snap Inc. parent company of Snapchat, learned some finance phenomenal, and I was almost gonna say finance estimating, which is phenomenal and fascinating. So we learned some fascinating information about Snapchat and the Snapchat platform, how dealers can get started on Snapchat for as little as $5 and get some crazy returns with that coveted millennial audience as well as the Gen Z audience. The targeting parameters, all the data that we just discussed, it’s all layered into the Snapchat platform. Incredible. And it’s whitespace. Right, we once again, let’s bring up the idea of whitespace. Our second episode was with Bob Lanham, who is the Head of Automotive Retail at Facebook, we discuss everything Facebook, including leveraging Facebook groups, which once again, dealers are not doing, I think, you know, Facebook groups, when you really look at these and kind of boiled them down to their simplest forms. It’s building a curated audience for your dealership, that’s a tight knit community, you have direct communication with these individuals in the group, you can moderate the conversation to prevent any noise, you can put all of your specials and things like that in the group. And guess what the organic reach is 10 times better than a regular Facebook post, because everyone in the group gets alerted that a post was just made in the group. So we talked about Facebook groups and those benefits. John Gray from Pinterest, who’s the global strategy lead at Pinterest? Guy Schueller at Twitter is coming up on one of our episodes. Wow,

Aharon Horwitz 28:01

that’s awesome.

Colin Carrasquillo 28:02

It’s really incredible to connect the dots with all these different platforms that everyone knows, everyone knows, Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, and Snapchat, and Spotify is even going to be one we’re talking about. But you know, the whole idea is they know about them, but they’re not utilizing them. So I want to show everyone what’s out there. I want to show everyone that on the tier three level, the dealer level, this is completely uncharted territory. And this is the time to reach out to these companies to say, hey, how do I make waves in my industry, they’ll help you, they’ll actually learn with you, which is the beauty of this, you have so much input in terms of what they may do in the future. Because it’s so new. And who wouldn’t want to say hey, I influenced this or Hey, I working with Spotify or Snapchat or whatever, created the first you know, augmented reality experience for a dealership. I mean, if you’re telling me you don’t want to do that, I’m sorry. I don’t know what to tell you. But that’s what Experimarketing is. Long story short, short story long. You know, it’s a it’s a great podcast for people to hopefully learn something you know, and we’re just so passionate about it, my co host.

Aharon Horwitz 29:15

Awesome. Well, that is a great way to end and a really nice call to action. So everyone should check it out. And we just really love talking with you. It was really fun. Colin, thank you so much for joining us today. Also, I’ll remind our listeners If you liked this episode, please tune in and subscribe to Inside Auto Podcast. We will catch you next time. Colin, we’ll catch you. Thank you.

Colin Carrasquillo 29:39

Yes, yeah. Thank you.

Aharon Horwitz 29:40

Bye. Bye Bye. Take care.

Outro 29:45

Thanks for listening to Inside Auto Podcast. Check out our other episodes with top entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

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