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Roundup: Capturing Automotive Sales Leads and Nurturing at All Stages of the Sales Funnel

  • May 18, 2018
4 min read
Roundup: Capturing Automotive Sales Leads and Nurturing at All Stages of the Sales Funnel

Table of Contents

    Mollie Monett

    Mollie Monett

    Table of Contents

      Around here, we love to write about capturing and nurturing all your leads because we think it’s super-important: your lead generation efforts will pay off so much more with a solid follow-up strategy. These are the steps that make your traffic worthwhile because they take strangers on the internet and create loyal, buying customers.

      Capturing Automotive Sales Leads 

      Because it’s such a priority, we’ve put together a roundup of all our favorite lead capture nurture tips and guides, for every stage of the sales funnel, including:

      • Early stage leads: staggering across your site, desperate for guidance
      • Late stage leads: shoppers with a purpose
      • Duplicate leads: the ones who keep coming back for more
      • Lost leads: the ones who got away

      So let’s get started with the capturing and the nurturing, shall we?

      High funnel leads: why they are not the worst

      Here’s an introduction to the amazing untapped potential of early stage leads. Getting the opportunity to nurture a lead from those early, confused days will not only help customers- it will get you more sales. Read why with our CBT piece: Why Early-Stage Shoppers Will Help Your Dealership Win.

      For even more in-depth suggestions on grabbing the attention and contact information of those ever-elusive early stagers, check out our Customer Success Manager’s piece in Digital Dealer: Is Your Website Inadvertently Turning Shoppers Away? Understand the classic mistakes dealership websites make marketing to late stage leads only, and get some key ideas for reaching a whole new untapped market of auto shoppers.

      I know what you’re thinking: these early stage leads are so dazed and confused they are not worth the time of my BDC and sales teams, who have other, more lucrative customers to attend to. And to that we say: we get it.  Spending your days reaching out to people who are weeks or months away from dropping a credit card is probably not the best use of your time. That’s why we put together a guide to lead follow-up and nurture that, with a little investment of time up-front, will actually save you hours of work in the long run, all while earning your customers’ loyalty and more sales down the road. Read on in: How To Nurture High Funnel Leads Without Gutting Your BDC.

      Duplicates: why they, too, are not the worst (and might very well be the best)

      Remember in the introduction to this post we mentioned duplicate leads? You know, the ones who come back, begging for your attention? Well, we think it’s best to actually give them that attention- even though duplicates have really gotten a bad rap. I mean, isn’t repeatedly banging down your (digital) door a good thing? Spoiler alert: yes. Read on in: Why Duplicate Leads Are Your Best Leads.

      After considering this whole duplicate lead thing, you might be wondering if there are ways to make more people come back to your site multiple times as they move down the sales funnel. We’re glad you asked. Get more detail on duplicates, and how to actively encourage return visitors with our brand new article: The Hidden Value of Duplicate Leads.

      Automotive lead nurture: a primer, a handy reference for all occasions, and a dating metaphor

      If you’re new to lead nurture, start with our primer: Why Your Leads Need to be Nurtured. We’ll walk you through a day in the life if a lead, what goes wrong when the call takes too long to arrive, and how much money you’ll save on marketing by following up quickly and forearmed with as much information as possible about your new lead.

      If you need a handy guide to lead nurture and follow up at all stages, check out our aptly named The Ultimate Guide to Dealership Lead Follow-Up and Nuture. Get tips on how to spot leads at every point in the funnel, how to get their attention on your website, what to say in your email and phone follow-up, and how to time travel using a phone booth. Okay, maybe not the last part.

      Has anyone here ever been on a date? How about an internet date? You may sometimes feel like trying to get your leads to come in for a test drive or even answer the phone is a lot like meeting a stranger on the internet. Actually…that’s exactly what it is. Read on: 3 Ways Lead Nurture is Like Online Dating.

      For those who need even more depth (and like charts):

      We’ve got you covered. Get into early lead capture and nurture in-depth by learning more about our Connect solution.

      Happy lead capture, everyone!

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