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Social Targeting Challenges in 2023

  • June 21, 2022
4 min read
Social Targeting Challenges in 2023

Table of Contents

    Ilana Shabtay

    Ilana Shabtay

    Table of Contents

      Automotive Social Media Advertising in 2023

      Digital marketing in automotive has always been both exciting and challenging. Whether it’s ever-changing technology, the way we track and target shoppers, or the metrics we use to assess marketing ROI, the land is always shifting beneath our feet. Organizations have to be nimble, marketers must be flexible, and car dealerships need the infrastructure to stay on top of all of it!

      Social Media Marketing Challenges in the Automotive Industry

      While the shock waves continue to reverberate from the last iOS update, one thing remains clear: This isn’t a storm to weather or a trend that will pass. Making sure you own your data and leverage technologies that are built to expect, designed to predict, and powered by algorithms that can forge through industry and market changes is a shoo-in path to success in 2023.

      Decreased Visibility

      In the past year, it’s become increasingly difficult to target and remarket to shoppers on social platforms. This is true across most retail and commerce online but especially for automotive marketing.

      With new data privacy measures in place and cookie tracking policies changing rapidly, look-alike audience performance has started to degrade, and social platforms have kicked into high gear to create alternatives so that shoppers can still receive relevant advertising while marketers are still able to target relevant audiences.

      It’s a fine balance between what shoppers want and what advertisers need, between the capabilities of the advertising platforms and the human abilities of the marketers, and between the policies and practices of the big technology companies themselves.

      While companies and marketers are working to strike that balance, performance on social platforms has and likely will continue to fluctuate. 

      Solutions Towards Improved Automotive Social Media Targeting

      Facebook has issued several best practices in order to increase visibility and drive better performance. These best practices included things like:

      1. Integrating with new the conversions API
      2. Verifying dealer domains
      3. Ensuring conversion events are aligned with business goals
      4. Modeled reporting

      Fullpath has already implemented all of these best practices to ensure that our customers benefit from increased visibility and improved performance. As a Facebook Marketing partner, Fullpath always remains in lockstep with whatever changes and best practices are put in place at Facebook and with all our platform partners.

      As Facebook and others work to increase visibility during the shift to a cookieless future with less individual-based tracking, we will make sure that our platform is ready and our customers are informed at every step of the way.

      The Fullpath CDXP

      We have always believed that the core benefits of a connected, omnichannel Customer Data and Experience Platform are that funds and focus can shift immediately, automatically, whenever necessary to go where the opportunities are.

      In 2020, our data showed a massive increase in social traffic during the COVID-19 Pandemic. People were spending more time at home and socializing in person far less. Social platforms boomed and advertising on Social channels increased significantly. Our algorithm picked up on these trends in real-time and shifted our customers’ budgets from one platform to another in order to best leverage this opportunity.

      So too now in 2023, we see shifts taking place away from social channels in order to make sure our customers’ budgets are fully optimized and no opportunities are lost. These shifts take place on a daily–sometimes hourly– basis and occur completely automatically based on AI-driven algorithms that power our decision-making engine and drive toward better performance whenever possible.

      Future-Proofing Your Dealership

      We are confident that all our marketing partners and all available channels continue to add value for dealers looking to advertise to shoppers online. We know that automotive social advertising will bounce back and performance will again increase. The beauty of a connected Customer Experience and Data Platform is that it was built to perform in dynamic environments and is already ready for any change in the market, big or small.

      No matter which way the wind blows, Fullpath provides a technology platform that will enable your Dealership to perform today and thrive tomorrow. 

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