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AutoLeadStar is now Fullpath

  • February 21, 2023
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AutoLeadStar is now Fullpath

Table of Contents

    Ro Oranim

    Ro Oranim

    Table of Contents

      We have some exciting news to share. AutoLeadStar is now Fullpath!

      When our company first transitioned into the automotive space, it became clear that we needed a name that would fully embrace the industry. Born during a late night brainstorming session, AutoLeadStar was the perfect fit; leads were our currency and all-star dealers were our target audience. In just 24 hours, we had a website up and running, business cards printed, and we were on our way to our first automotive conference to sell our software. 

      AutoLeadStar has served us well. It took us from a scrappy start-up seeking a product-market fit to a fully grown automotive centric global company, dedicated to continuously disrupting the industry. Like our company, our technology has evolved over the years, from a lead focused software to a complex, integrated AI-powered platform that unifies siloed dealership data sources and leverages first-party data to create exceptional customer experiences. 

      Simply put, we are no longer just a website lead company. 

      The AutoLeadStar brand no longer does our technology justice. The time has come for a tune up, a fresh coat of paint if you will, and a name that better encompasses the services we provide for dealers and the cutting-edge technology that we create. We need a name that embraces the powerful tools built into our leading Customer Data and Experience Platform, and even more importantly, we need a name that better represents our customer-first approach. 

      So, why Fullpath? 

      Online car shopping has become hyper competitive making the brand experience a major driver for buyers. In order to stay competitive and win more business, dealerships need to stand out by creating exceptional, personalized shopping experiences across the buyer journey that build customer loyalty. 

      That is where Fullpath comes in. 

      Fullpath empowers dealers to succeed by unifying and leveraging all first-party data to create those unforgettable experiences that build customers for life. For dealerships, the focus can no longer be on just driving leads. Success is about the lifetime value of the customer and the journey – the full path- they take with the dealer, from the first ad or website click, to purchasing a vehicle, to their next service appointment, and beyond.

      The classic dealership experience that once defined car buying is something customers still crave – that personalized approach that has the customer feeling satisfied as they drive their dream car off the lot. Fullpath is helping dealers bring that experience into the modern age. 

      Fullpath’s AI-powered Customer Data and Experience Platform helps dealers create an effective data and marketing strategy while keeping the dealer in the driver’s seat, with the ability to tweak and customize the automations at every level. Machine learning works to optimize every part of the process including data collection, data structuring, data insights, ad budgets, messaging, targeting, audiences, and inventory management.  All of this technology works in the background to empower the dealer and get them back to doing what they do best: serving their customer community and building customer relationships.  

      By creating these unique, personalized experiences, dealers can build trust with their customers and provide that 1:1 luxury experience that will build lifetime value and keep them coming back for more. 

      Infinite Possibilities with Fullpath

      Fullpath partners with dealers, giving them the technology to empower them to create excellence at every step of the customer journey. Our new logo and symbol represent our mission: to help dealers harness their data to create everlasting customer journeys built on exceptional customer experiences. 

      The Möbius strip embedded in the “A” and “P” of Fullpath symbolizes that never ending customer journey. By building customer loyalty through the customer experiences driven by Fullpath, dealers can extend their customer lifecycles and develop strong, resilient, lasting business.

      Our new branding encompasses the entirety of the color spectrum, representing our ability to create a personalized experience for every customer based on their own preferences and unique customer journey. With Fullpath, the possibilities are infinite. 

      The Future of Fullpath

      When we initially entered the automotive space, it was very clear to us that we are the students and dealers are our teachers. Thirsty for knowledge and a  deeper understanding, we humbly asked dealers to teach us and allow us to observe their day to day operations and customer management. 

      We were completely captivated as we watched these skilled dealers do what they do best and problem solve on the go. We worked to understand the problems dealers faced, how they saw the issues and what they felt could help. We then took these insights with us and began to build tech that would make dealership data management and orchestration an easier and more seamless process. 

      Our path forward is clear. We are a company built on creativity and effective problem solving. We are impatient which drives us to work quickly and learn as we go. Most importantly, we believe in doing the impossible, a belief which has brought us to where we are today.

      It is these qualities that will lead Fullpath into the future. We will continue that original and foundational flow of conversation between dealer and vendor, between Fullpath and our clients, as we work to better understand the challenges faced by dealers, and build revolutionary technology to optimize these processes. 

      We will continue providing our clients with the exceptional customer service they have come to expect from our company. Excellence in service is a part of our company’s DNA and we are fully dedicated to bringing our clients the latest and greatest in dealership technology so they can continue to win the business by better serving their customers.  

      The future is bright at Fullpath. We are learning and growing every day, as new ideas are born, technologies and solutions are designed, and our clients continue to push us to greater heights.  We thank you for coming along with us on this journey and we look forward to building the future together. 

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