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Announcing the Fullpath CDXP

  • May 23, 2022
6 min read
Announcing the Fullpath CDXP

Table of Contents

    Mollie Monett

    Mollie Monett

    Table of Contents

      Today we are launching a new layout for our connected automotive marketing platform called the Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP), which allows Dealers to consolidate all their customer data and leverage it to create seamless omnichannel marketing journeys, in minutes. The new backend architecture of the CDXP, combined with these new front-end layout changes, taken together comprise the kind of marketing platform savvy dealers need today and are what the entire industry will consider ubiquitous tomorrow.

      Scroll down to learn more about some of the exciting features!

      We believe

      It is our belief that data connectivity – taking siloed, disjointed data and connecting it together into one organized, cohesive system – is the best way for dealerships to keep their businesses productive and in line with customer expectations today.

      When your first-party data is connected, you can leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence,  and predictive analytics to make data-driven decisions for marketing, sales, and other departments.

      More than anything, we believe this technology should be available to dealers who themselves see and use connected data and technology in their everyday lives, and yet come to work and have to jump back ten years when they plan and execute their own dealership marketing.

      We are excited about

      We are excited about the opportunities the CDXP presents for dealers who are ready to connect their first-party data, level up their marketing, and create better shopper journeys for their customers.

      It’s never been easier to take advantage of the first-party data you have available today and do something meaningful, something powerful, something that can measurably impact revenue and propel business growth. It’s also never been more important to understand, own, and execute marketing with your first-party data.

      The new CDXP Dashboard layout helps to bring together the trove of data we are connecting for your dealership, with a sleek and intuitive user experience.

      How the CDXP Delivers Value

      We have always held Speed, Scale, and Specificity as guiding principles in our product development at Fullpath. We know that modern, tech-driven marketing enables dealers to work holistically and efficiently with greater speed, larger scale, and acute specificity. The CDXP platform was built with this in mind.

      Save time on repetitive tasks

      Stop wasting time manually uploading offers, downloading lists, editing spreadsheets and copying data. Because the Fullpath CDXP automatically pulls data from several different sources (including your CRM customers, your inventory, your dealer and your OEM offers etc.) it automates many of these menial tasks that your team may be wasting hours a month doing. What’s more – the data pulled into the CDXP is leveraged across several solutions so there’s no need to rinse and repeat. It’s all connected.

      Edit and adjust at scale

      Need to add or edit event copy to all your ads and emails? Want to pause or launch several dozen campaigns? Does your OEM require new targeting? If you were doing this manually before, or wasting money hiring someone else to do this manually – now you can sit back and watch as the Fullpath CDXP automates all of these actions across hundreds or ads and emails at scale.

      Optimize using data, not your gut

      Marketing today is not a gut game, it’s a numbers game. Lots and lots of numbers and algorithms, changing every moment of every day. The opportunity that big data presents is only realized when you step back and remove the feelings, and instead focus on the data. The Fullpath CDXP optimizes performance based on what is helping you activate more shoppers and sell more cars. By leveraging CRM data, Google Ads and Social Ads account data, website and inventory data – the CDXP can make more and better decisions than one human could ever possibly hope to make with the sheer amount of data we are connected to.

      Benefits of the CDXP

      Dealership marketing teams can reclaim their time and put their energy toward the more creative and strategic elements of the job.

      Sales teams can stop logging into multiple dashboards and view one, unified shopper entity with all relevant details, all marketing activity, all contact details and vehicles of interest.

      With the Fullpath CDXP, your customers will experience a consistent message, be served relevant ads, timely emails, and engage with targeted onsite offers which all connect to your dealership data and reflect the most up to date information from  your dealership. And that’s because all your data is connected and integrated into one decision making engine that leverages all intent signals from all available data sources!

      And the new CDXP layout provides your team with increased transparency so you can easily see exactly what’s going out to your shoppers, view reports, and examine performance across your store or group.

      The new layout also helps you to dive deep into each solution to fully understand how every aspect of your dealership marketing is working together in an orchestrated manner to bring you the best results.

      Elements to get excited about

      The new CDXP Dashboard layout provides an easy, intuitive experience your team will immediately notice and thoroughly enjoy. The navigation bar on the left side reflects the conceptual changes we have implemented across the CDXP. No more compartmentalized products. Connected data means we have connected Solutions.

      The Solutions tab is where you will land most often when you enter your dashboard and is where you can access all the Fullpath marketing solutions your dealership is leveraging to create unified shopping experiences. Nested here you will find Acquire, Connect, Nurture, and Last Call. The blue check next to the solution name indicates this is LIVE on your account.

      Next you have Shoppers, where you get a taste of what a connected shopper journey looks like for your dealership customers. Learn more about the Shopper Page here.

      The Data Sources page is where you can view and connect all your data to the CDXP platform. Customers can learn more about their Data Sources page here.

      What now

      For current customers, you will automatically see these new and improved changes in your Dashboard. We suggest you take a few minutes to review your connected dealership data sources and discuss with your Customer Success Manager connecting additional data sources to your CDXP.

      More data means more opportunities to market across more channels, to refine messaging and targeting, and to provide a more robust and streamlined shopping experience to your customers.

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