Strategically drive hyper-relevant, shopper-quality traffic to your challenging VDPs.


Don Erwin, Digital Director at Mt View Auto

“First impressions pertaining to Fullpath’s VINs acceleration: BLOWN AWAY! They tripled the traffic they guaranteed, and did it inside of 20 days instead of the full month. Move your aged inventory AND make a profit!”

Increase aged-inventory VDP views - guaranteed.

Select your preferred package with the numbers of VINs you would like to promote and VINs-Acceleration will drive a guaranteed number of quality VDP views for your dealership each month.

Effortlessly drive traffic from multiple channels.

VINs-Acceleration works behind the scenes to drive hyper-relevant traffic to your challenging VDPs using compelling email campaigns, engaging SMS campaigns, and strategic bidding on multiple ad networks.

Put every vehicle at the front of your lot.

If your challenging VINs are not getting seen, they will never get sold. Dealers using Fullpath VINs-acceleration see a 97% increase in quality VDP views for aging inventory.

Strike while the lead is hot with real-time notifications.

Receive instant text messages for every meaningful action taken on a promoted VDP to enable your sales team to quickly connect with the customer.

Leverage the integrated experience.

By integrating your first-party data sources into the Fullpath CDXP, VINs-Acceleration can promote your VINs across all CDXP channels and leverage your dealership data to create more precise and enhanced campaigns.

Key Features of Fullpath VINs-Acceleration

Focused Marketing
Unlike standard digital advertising campaigns, VINs-Acceleration brings balanced visibility to each vehicle, moving beyond the limitations of lead quotas.

Proprietary Traffic Acquisition
VINs-Acceleration leverages Fullpath’s Acquisition Network (FAN) and your first and third party data for a combined approach that focuses on ads, emails, SMS, and abandonment capture.

Clear Pricing Plans and Success Metrics
Your dealership pays a service fee for a guaranteed number of VDP views each month.  VINs-Acceleration works behind the scenes to drive shopper-quality traffic to meet that monthly commitment.

CDXP User Benefits
Fullpath’s CDXP data layer enhances the precision of your VINs-Acceleration campaigns and promotes your VINs across the various solutions in place at your dealership.

VINs-Acceleration is getting a tune-up.

See how you can increase aged-inventory VDP views – guaranteed.

Using VINs-Acceleration to Move Challenging Dealership Inventory

Fullpath VINs-Acceleration is a precision-driven traffic acquisition machine designed to help you improve your dealership inventory management by driving quality VDP views for your at-risk inventory. VINs-Acceleration is not a replacement for your current digital advertising tools – it is a highly powerful solution designed to exclusively tackle your most challenging inventory that just won’t move. VINs-Acceleration utilizes the Fullpath Acquisition Network (FAN) to drive shopper quality traffic using a combination of traditional ad bidding strategies across multiple networks, engaging SMS campaigns, and personalized, targeted email campaigns so you can finally get those challenging vehicles off your lot quickly.

Standard Digital Advertising

Biased by lead quotas

Uses singular ad channels

No data integrations

No guaranteed traffic

Fullpath VINs-Acceleration

Puts lagging VDPs at the forefront

Uses email, SMS, and cross-network digital ads

Cross-platform promotions with Fullpath’s CDXP

Set number of monthly VDP views - guaranteed

How It Works

Step 1

Pick Your Package

Select your VINs-Acceleration package based on the number of VINs you would like to boost on a monthly basis.

Step 2

VIN Selection

Fullpath’s AI scans your inventory and determines which VINs need a strategic boost. You may also manually add VINs to the list.

Step 3

Smart Advertising

VINs-Acceleration works behind the scenes to create targeted email and SMS campaigns, and strategically bids across multiple ad networks to drive quality drive traffic to your VDPs.

Step 4

Actionable Results

For every meaningful interaction that occurs on a VDP advertised with Fullpath, you will receive a real-time text and email so your sales team can follow-up and make the sale.

Our Story

Fullpath is dedicated to helping dealers build unforgettable customer experiences that create customers for life.

What started as a dream with a group of friends working out of a small Jerusalem apartment is now a growing tech company of top-tier engineers, data scientists, and world-class customer success managers dedicated to helping dealerships meet and surpass their sales goals every month.


What is VINs Acceleration?

VINs-Acceleration is a highly powerful solution designed to work alongside your traditional digital marketing strategy by exclusively tackling your most challenging inventory to it off your lot quickly and efficiently. It is not designed to replace your traditional digital marketing strategy, but rather work in tandem with your everyday efforts. VINs-Acceleration utilizes the Fullpath Acquisition Network (FAN) to drive shopper quality traffic for your aging inventory using a combination of ad bidding strategies across multiple networks and personalized and targeted email campaigns designed to get your challenging inventory seen by the right shoppers so you can stop losing money and hit your revenue goals.

Why does my dealership need VINs Acceleration?

VINs-Acceleration can help your dealership better manage your inventory and save you money by avoiding taking your aged vehicles to auction. Fullpath VINs-Acceleration works to identify challenging VINs and give them a boost by creating targeted, smart email campaigns and by bidding across multiple ad networks to drive highly-relevant, shopper quality traffic to your VDPs so your inventory gets seen and sold.

What are the different packages offered for VINs-Acceleration?

Fullpath VINs-Acceleration comes in several different packages. Selecting the right package for your dealership is a matter of deciding how many VINs you would like to boost each month. Every package comes with a minimum guaranteed number of VDP views per month. For more information on specific pricing packages and how they work, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a demo or send us an email at to speak with our team.

What is the Fullpath Acquisition Network (FAN)?

The Fullpath Acquisition Network is a unique network developed by the Fullpath team that works on your behalf to identify and target quality, shopper-grade VDP level traffic on multiple ad networks including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others, while avoiding the “bottom of the barrel” low quality clicks that usually come from poor display networks.

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