Previous Live Launches

Q3 2023 Live Launch: Shopper Analysis and Equity
New York, New York – August 16, 2023
Double feature: Shopper Analysis, a powerful list builder to help you slice and dice your data, and Fullpath Equity, designed automatically engage equity positive shoppers.

Q2 2023 Live Launch: ChatGPT
Austin, Texas – June 7, 2023
Fullpath’s ChatGPT integration leverages dealership’s data to create holistic, personalized customer engagements that can help you close more sales. Watch now to see it in action.

Q1 2023 Live Launch: Fullpath (formerly AutoLeadStar)
Tel Aviv, Israel – March 1, 2023
AutoLeadStar rebrands to Fullpath! Catch behind the scenes on how it happened, what it took, and where Fullpath is headed next.
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